Why advertise on Is It Naptime Yet?

I have been a blogger since 2008, though now that my youngest kids are getting older, and I have found my passions: fitness, natural wellness and attachment parenting (along with sarcasm, of course), and started blogging about them. Since then, I have noticed a huge steady increase in the number of daily visitors to my site.

I am currently averaging over 2,200 visitors per month.
(stats from June 2016)

I have 2 different banner sizes available:

Please contact for pricing!

Please contact for pricing!

Ads will run on a monthly basis (from the first day of the month until the last), however custom packages are available.

90 day packages will receive a 10% discount.

All banner ads will link directly to your website.

I do not accept businesses or ads that I feel are not a good fit for my website or my readers.

For additional pricing information or for any questions, please email me at

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