She's Ready! ...but am I?

I cannot believe that I am writing this already...but I think that little Miss Azalea is just about ready to start potty learning. And she only just turned 2 less than 2 weeks ago!

All the signs are there: waking up from naptime with a dry diaper, letting me know that she's gone potty in her diaper, the ability to take her own pants off (with some struggle...but hey! It still counts...). And lately she's been taking matters into her own hands and just whipping her diaper off herself as soon as she peepees in it. Thank god she hasn't done it with a poopy diaper yet! I actually found her yesterday evening on her back under the kitchen table...trying to change her own diaper. lol

The only problem I ready for this? hahaha I mean, working full time doesn't really lend itself to making this an easy process (as many of you can relate to...). I'm going to have to buy a potty chair. Normally I hate those and just prefer to get them to use the big potty right from the get go..(remember...I've helped 4 little ones before her learn to use the potty)...but I think that with all of the craziness and her being able to get her own pants off...well, a potty seat for now may be do-able.

And maybe once big sister Isabel (3) sees her little sister using the potty, it will encourage her to want to learn, too. She had been well on her way to learning back before we left Georgia...but the whole upheaval of life as we knew it pretty much stopped that potty learning in its tracks... But I have learned over the years and children that forcing them to use the potty before they're ready only causes frustration for everyone involved.

Also...let me know...what method of potty learning do you use? No clothes from the waist down free range? Disposable pull ups? Washable training pants? Or maybe even elimination communication with your infant? Let me know in the comments!


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