No More Pacifier for Isabel | Day 3

Today began on an AMAZING note! As soon as Isabel woke up and saw me, she handed me her binky and said "Here, Mama. Me too big." 

I gave her a hundred higs and kisses and told her how proud I was of her and she just beamed with pride.

We had to run a few errands and she started fussing for her binky for a few minutes but fell asleep for a short car nap before it got too crazy.

In all honesty, today went by pretty smoothly. Once, I caught her with a pacifier that she snuck from the drawer but she immediately gave it to me when I asked her for it.

She cried for a few minutes in the afternoon for her pacifier but i distracted her yet again with a frozen GoGurt. hahaha

Azalea is NOT doing as well & has been using her binky all day. ::sigh:: I'll tackle it eventually...

She once again snuck a binky while laying on the couch, watching tv at bedtime. 

Overall take from today: much smoother sailing than Days 1 & 2. Let's hope Day 4 keeps on that path...


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