August 2020 Oracle | Plant Magic

August is already upon us and I just finally remembered to pull my oracle card to set the month's intentions.

And I got: DAISY

Ahhhhhh, daisy. I love daisies. They are always so cheerful looking. But what medicine does she have for us?

Well, in terms of actual physical medicine, did you know she helps heal bruises?

But for this post we're talking about a different kind of medicine. The kind we learn a life's lesson from. 

Daisy teaches us the importance of always being yourself. To not imitate others or try to compete with them in life.

Don't feel intimidated or unworthy by the beautiful pictures on Instagram. 

You are enough just as you are. You are beautiful/handsome enough. You are smart enough. Strong enough. Sexy enough. A wonderful mother/father/friend/son/daughter....whatever you are: you are perfect!

There is absolute magic in just being your authentic self!


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