The kids were so excited to get to go swimming here recently! Well...all but one little bunny and one teen boy. Azalea much prefers dry ground to getting her tushy dunked in the cool water. Though, I will say that she does enjoy running around in a swimsuit...just for fun. Please do not add water. Kind of like a gremlin. Christian seconds those sentiments.

I taught the older kids (Austin, Mahri & Christianl how to swim before we left Georgia...here's a few pictures of our fun in the sun in 2019...

And this year, they took to the water like little fishies! They jumped right in with their new friends! Levi isn't scared of the water like he was last year but he did need a floatie if he wanted to venture to deeper water.

Like any American girl, Azalea was all about the costume changes haha

Does anyone else have little chicks that just can't stand the water? Or are yours little waterbugs?


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