Let Freedom Ring!!

It took us awhile (thanks 'Rona!!) but we are finally getting out & having some fun! We NEVER had fun like this in Georgia! It is so amazing to once again be surrounded by family & friends. Each week, one or two kiddos come up to me with beaming smiles to tell me how glad they are to have moved back to Ohio.

Independence Day weekend was a total blast!!

On the 4th, we went to a cookout at my parents' house then swimming at a friend's house. We ended the night at a Farewell Party for a friend who has joined the Navy and was leaving the following week. A few local veterans from different branches of the military (as well as some regular ol' civilians haha) celebrated Independence Day and Dylan's enlistment by giving a spectacular fireworks show after dark.

We went with some friends the next day (July 5th) and had a cookout while the little kids ran around with sparklers. Then, afterwards, we had our own private fireworks show out in the middle of nowhere. 

Azalea had the time of her life until the fireworks show started. Once she heard the loud "BOOM!!"s, she freaked out. I had to cuddle with her in the car until it was over. But I could hear the rest of the kids "ooh"ing and "ahhh"ing while brilliant colors danced across the night sky.

How was y'all 4th of July weekend? What did you do to celebrate your freedom?

Isabel was particularly tuckered out when we got home from fireworks


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