Coffee Creamer Tip!

I cannot be the only one who gets enchanted by a new delicious sounding coffee creamer flavor...only to be truly disappointed once you pour it into your coffee/tea. But who wants to waste money? So generally I just shove it to the back of the fridge and wait until it practically grows legs and walks itself to the trash can.

But tonight I had a brilliant idea!!

I used this White Chocolate Mocha coffee creamer to make pancakes! I added it (and some unsweetened original almond milk) to the pancake mix instead of water.

And it turned out to be ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!

Yes, we use the 10 pound bag of pancake mix. Don't judge. hahaha

Since I have a big family, I bake my pancakes in a big cake pan in the oven instead of individual pancakes on the stovetop. One day I'll have to do a post about how I do it!

What are some money-saving food hacks you use in your kitchen?


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