Starting Our Garden

The kids and I knew that we wanted to grow a garden at our new home. So when coronavirus hit and kept us all at home 24/7, it seemed like the perfect time to try something else I've always wanted to try my hand at: growing my garden from seeds!

I went to Walmart and bought myself a handful of seed packets....zucchini, yellow squash, brussel sprouts, bell peppers, chamomile and strawberries.

I got most of the plants started in egg cartons but would transfer them to disposable cups as they grew too large for the egg carton. I was trying to use things I already hand on hand. Our awesome friends/landlords left some bags of potting soil in the basement when they left, so I was able to use that to start the seeds.

I decided that I didn't want to roto-till and tear up my sweet little yard, so I am planning on growing them all in buckets outside (do y'all remember my bucket garden I had thriving in Georgia?!) but this weather has been so unpredictable that I haven't had the courage to take them outside yet. Which has proven to be the right choice, given the unexpected snow we just had the other day. In MAY!

They are still happily growing on my various windowsills and counters around the house.

Look at the difference a few days makes:

Unfortunately, every one of my strawberry seeds was a dud. I didn't get one seedling from the packet. A girlfriend of mine said that she has strawberry runners that I was welcome to, so I may take her up on the offer. I'll have to research how to grow from a it easy?

I think I'd also like to grow just one tomato plant (we're not huge tomato fans), echinacea (for medicinal purposes), calendula (for medicinal purposes), some watermelon, potatoes (I heard they can be grown in a trash can!) and even some Jack O'Lantern pumpkins for this fall!

Are you planting a garden this year too? If so, what are you growing?


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