Oh my goodness! Are you still here? I'm so happy to see you!! I've had so much going on in my life...grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and let me catch you up...

I guess we'll start at the beginning...or at least the condensed version of the beginning....

After 16 years of marriage and 6 babies...well, I have decided to be true to myself and leave a very, very unhappy marriage. That took a lot of self-reflection and a whole lot of realizing my true worth. And a ton of courage.

I had desperately hoped for an amicable parting and to make it as easy as possible for not only him and I...but, more importantly, for our children. Unfortunately, he was not as interested in that vision.

So long story short: the children and I moved across part of the country, from Georgia back to Ohio, where all of our family & most of my friends are.

And let me tell you, the Universe has made it abundantly clear that this was SO the right choice! Check this out...

In under two months, I got a good paying job as the lead receptionist and administrator in a corporate office. After being a full time homeschooling stay-at-home mom for almost 19 years! About a month after that, we found our dream home (literally!!! This is the house we have been looking for for as long as I can remember!!!)...and the rent is extremely affordable with the potential to buy in the future.

Then covid19 hit...and the company I work for let me begin working from home (while I was still a temp!).

The kids and I are all over-the-moon happy with our new life. Absolutely ZERO regrets about leaving my marriage. I won't go into details (if you know, you know) but if you are in an abusive relationship, please don't stay because you think that it will change. I promise you, it's not going to change.

And even though my ex is trying his hardest to make this as difficult as possible (admitting at one time that if he makes it hard enough, we'll have to come back)...we are thriving. Yes, there are challenging days. Of course there are. But that is because we are growing and becoming stronger, discovering a whole new world that we never dreamed was possible! We are becoming butterflies.


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