How I Grocery Shop For A Large Family | Walmart PickUp | Part 1 of 4

I won't lie: I have pretty much always hated grocery shopping. Then again, who doesn't? But as my weekly trips to the store included more and more children, it was getting to be too much.

When I got pregnant with Isabel, my local Walmart began their Grocery PickUp service. I almost hugged the greeter when she told me about it. Okay, I did hug her. I was elated!

And here is how my experience with Walmart Grocery Pick Up was.....


Membership Cost: Free

  • Convenient ordering on my phone with their app.
  • Prices were very affordable.
  • They were pretty quick about bringing my groceries out when I came to pick up my order.
  • The employees were all extremely friendly and we'd always chat for a few minutes. Please note: chatting is not mandatory...but if you know me, you know that I can be pretty talkative! 
  • They would load my groceries into my trunk quickly.
  • Sometimes if they were out of something, they would sub it with a larger size or a brand-name sub (if I had ordered generic). But this wasn't always.
  • Customer service was very helpful and quick to make sure that I was satisfied with the service if I ever had an issue (which happened a couple of times).
  • I still hated packing up the crew and having to leave the house.
  • Although they NEVER expected it, I would help them load my groceries each week. I felt weird having them do it for me.
  • I didn't always feel like talking...but I also felt weird having them load my groceries. So I began resenting my trips especially when I wasn't up for a chat. This was MY issue, though, not Walmart's. 
  • Oftentimes their substitutes (for whenever an item I had ordered was out of stock) were not an acceptable sub and it could throw my weekly menu off because I'd be missing key ingredients. This was happening quite frequently as time went on.

Final Verdict: After using Walmart Grocery PickUp for over a year, I ultimately decided that it was not right for us.


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