Saving Big on Groceries!

You guys. I am a little *too* excited right now.

Okay, so I recently on sung the praises on Favebook of the convenience of using Shipt versus my using Walmart Grocery Pick Up. (Mind ENTIRE bias and frame of mind revolves around the fact that we are a very large family & I am one tired mama)

I especially loved the convenience of them delivering my groceries right to my living room!

But more and more, my Shipt shopper has been reporting back that "the store does not have the requested product"....and I was starting to feel the burn (as work heads into the "slower season") of Shipt charging extra on top of Kroger's already pretty high prices. And the fact that I was usually tipping around $20 a week for delivery. 

It was adding up. 

So today I checked out AmazonFresh & realized that their prices usually beat the Shipt prices! Sometimes by a good margin! And I hear that they have more selection & better substitute options. So I was riding high on knowing I was about to save some major bucks by switching.

But then, as I was peeing for the 10,826th time today (hello, 3rd trimester!!!), a thought I frequently encounter on the toilet re-entered my mind: SHOPPING IN BULK.

As in Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc. We used to have a BJ's membership and a Sam's Club membership....many, many years ago when we were a small family with only 2 kids. Back then, the memberships just weren't worth it. Money was so tight for us back then and I couldn't justify spending $XX on 3 months' worth of groceries, even if it ended up saving me $50 or so. It didn't make sense. We needed to break our money up into smaller payments over those 3 months, even if it meant we'd be spending $10 or so more per week. (Ya'll following me so far?)

Antonio apparently had the same bitter memory because anytime I had mentioned checking out Sam's Club again, he shot my idea right down. Reminding me of the times when boxes and cases of food were just sitting on our shelves for months.

But today, I sat down and ran the numbers. Typing items into Shipt, AmazonFresh AND Sam's Club. (I decided on Sam's because they carry more of the brands we use)

Dude. We are about to save a sh*t ton of money. Like. A lot. 50% more toilet paper (Charmin Mega rolls) at the same price!!! Crackers are half of what I'm paying and I'll get double or triple!!! I'll be saving about $14 on a month of diapers per baby (we have been LOVING Pampers Pure...Isabel rarely gets rashes now and we saw the change immediately). I'll get about 100 oz more Tide for the same price as what I'm paying now! I could go on and on and on with all I'm going to save on....but I'll spare you all the juicy boring details. But I'm thinking that I may just have to start doing grocery haul videos again.... ::huge smile::

What about your family?? How do you save on groceries??


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