Prodromal Labor? Better known as False Labor

It is almost midnight on Friday night (Oct 12...but I won't be publishing this until next week) and I am so exhausted and frustrated. I should probably be in bed but I am putting it off for as long as possible...I'm slightly afraid of what tomorrow has in store for me.
See, today I am 31 weeks & 4 days along in my pregnancy with Baby Mistletoe (#6). And it was just the Perfect Storm: Antonio took Christian to work, after I assured Christian that Mahri and I wouldn't need his help with Isabel or the boys. I told him that Isabel has been so sweet lately & we'd be fine. HA!

Oh. And did I mention that they were going to be on a job site in which they wouldn't be able to answer the phone should I be tempted to call. But I felt quite certain that one day of not being able to reach them or have Christian here to help would be no big deal.

No. Big. Deal.

It was mid-morning when the contractions started. I ignored them for awhile but couldn't help but notice that they were pretty strong. They weren't hurting...but some were strong enough that they were making my eyes water. After a couple of hours, I figured I'd just text Christine (my midwife) and let her know. I figured the contractions would fade away fairly shortly.

She recommended that I drink some CALM (calcium & magnesium supplement) as well as plenty of water to hydrate myself and see if they would go away.

Mind you, during all of this, Isabel is screaming like a banshee. She is angry and pissed off about EVERYTHING. She wants nothing to eat...but she wants you to offer her everything in the house to eat anyways. While she screams. She shrieks because her baby doll is on the floor. Because the blanket is wrinkled. Because the wrong sibling tried to help her up when she flung herself on the ground. She was a child possessed. 

Austin & Levi were bouncing off the walls. Yelling and jumping and just being rowdy boys. I beg them to please go out and play. So they take Isabel to play in the yard with them but I can hear them all outside bickering and arguing with Mahri as she tried to watch them. So she comes inside to help me.

Contractions keep coming. No increase in intensity. Kind of regular but not really; lasting about a minute each but spaced out (every 10-12 mins or so....sometimes happening every 5 mins. It was totally random). I tried drinking water. Eating. Going to the bathroom. Walking around the house. Nothing helped.

I tried to take a nap...for maybe 30-40 mins..but contractions kept waking me up.

I wanted to take a hot relaxing shower....but did I mention that during the storm the other day, it flooded our crawl space and soaked the water heater, rendering it Out Of Service. Antonio had been working on it on Thursday night (til almost 1 am) but couldn't get it working. He was going to work on it when he got home tonight. At least that was his plan.

So no warm steamy relaxing shower for me.

At about 6 pm, I finally am able to get ahold of Christian. But he says they are busy and can't come home just yet. But soon. I tell him not to mention anything to Antonio yet because I don't want him to hurry and do sloppy work.

An hour later and they still haven't left the job site.

I break down and just cover my face and start sobbing. Like, really ugly crying. Not from the pain but from the stress and exhaustion. The kids just backed slowly out of the room. Mommy has definitely lost it.

Another half hour and the guys are still not on their way home.

They finally get home a little after 9 pm. They drop off dinner and Antonio says that he has to go back to the job site because he left his coat there. Ugh! I think I may have cried again.

Like I said, it is now midnight. The contractions are still coming but they seem further apart and weaker.

As much as I am reluctant to say it...I think prodromal labor has started. That is pre-labor. The precursor to early labor. The kind of labor that feels totally real...that sends hundreds of excited moms to the hospital, thinking that "this is it!!!" .....but it's not It. It's the same labor responsible for countless cases of induced labor....see, moms show up at the hospital, seemingly in labor....contractions are pretty regular...but they are barely doctors figure (wrongly) that their labors have "stalled". They must need some help! Start the pitocin! Let's get this show on the road!

But since I am only 31 weeks, no losing of even part of my mucus plug, no increase in contraction intensity.... Unless anything major changes, I'm chalking this up to good ol' prodromal labor, folks.

Wish me luck!!


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