Week 14 | Baby Number 6

So this may be a total fluke that I'm able to do an actual weekly post instead of lumping a bunch together...but either way, here ya go!

Week 14 was tiring but otherwise pretty uneventful in terms of symptoms.

One of my closest friends, Brenda (and her awesome hubby and kids) came to visit us on their way back to Ohio. Technically they visited the day before I turned 14 weeks but I'll include it here! We planned on having a pool party...but Mother Nature had other plans. Like a bunch of rain. But the kids swam in the rain anyway since there wasn't any lightning.

We hung out at their hotel later in the evening and the kids swam some more in the indoor pool, which my kids thought was pretty darn cool.

Later in the week, Christine (home birth midwife) came for my prenatal visit.

She found it humorous that my pregnancy app says that Baby Mistletoe is the size of a troll doll. hahaha

Baby did not want to cooperate in terms of letting us hear his/her heartbeat. We caught a snippet of it before they swam off to hide for an extremely ridiculous amount of time. Christine finally caught up with the little stinker and we got a "strong heartbeat" (Christine's words) in the 150s.

As I mentioned on Facebook, the only two babies that gave me that hard of a time when it came to hearing their heartbeat were Austin and Levi. So I wonder...is Baby Mistletoe a BOY? hmmmm

My blood pressure was good: 108/72

And my weight was 168.5 which means that I have LOST 2.5 pounds since our last visit!

That's not too big of a surprise since Isabel is still nursing and my appetite is not very big. Which the whole lack-of-appetite thing during pregnancy has only ever occurred during my pregnancy with Isabel. So....maybe Baby Mistletoe is a GIRL?? hmmmmm

I feel like my exhaustion is palpable....

We also rescued 2 baby bunnies from Sophie & Gypsy (our dogs)! After making sure the dogs couldn't get to them anymore (their nest is in our fenced in pool area), I put them back at the entrance of their nest and they hopped right back in.

And that was my 14th week! I hope you had a fantabulous week, too!



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