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You read that correctly. I'm going to talk about....those things that NO ONE likes to talk about. And it's not like it's my favorite topic in the world...but seriously? Who cares! We have them...we need some relief! And I am here to help!!

There are a variety of ways that you can have the privilege of getting yourself some hemorrhoids. But basically it all boils down to a lot of pressure being forced on that region of the body.

Looking at you, butthole.

For me, I got them during one of my pregnancies. Who knows which one...who really cares, honestly...the bottom line is (get it? BOTTOM line?? ahaha) that they are there.

And it wasn't until after Isabel was born that I decided to forego the typical Tucks pads and witch hazel that most people tend to reach for. I didn't have any on hand and I was in A LOT of pain. Like, a lot. In fact, my backside hurt more than my vaginal area during my entire recovery. (My vaginal area actually barely hurt at all.) I asked Antonio more than once if he was absolutely certain that Isabel had come out the correct exit. He swears she did. So I'm going to have to take his word for it.

I decided to give good old tea tree oil a try.

And it worked!!! REALLY well!!!

And REALLY quickly!!

Like, almost immediate relief. ::aaaahhhhh:::

Here's how I did it:

Every time I went to the bathroom (for both #1 and #2s), I would clean myself as per usual. Nothing fancy. I mean, except that I used washcloths wet with hot water to clean myself...they clean A LOT better and it's super soothing after having a baby....TRUST ME...(and it's extremely sanitary...but I can blog about that at another time if anyone's interested. Like you'd even tell me if you were. hahaha I know you're curious. ::wink::)

Anyway, after I was all cleaned up, I would wet some toilet paper with water from the sink (you could probably skip this part...I did it for the cooling relief of the water)

Then I put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil onto the toilet paper and gently patted it directly onto the hemorrhoids.

Initially you may have a slight burning sensation. Not really painful, just really warming. This quickly subsides. Then it gets really cooling.

That's it!

Why does this work??

Tea tree oil has the following properties:






(pain reliever)

I noticed them shrinking rather quickly...and pretty much gone rather fast, too.

I hope this information is helpful and brings you some relief!!

Because we all know what a pain in the butt hemorrhoids can be.



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