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It turns out that Isabel is a very gassy baby.

And, if we're being completely honest, her farts could clear a room and peel the paint!

Which I would be okay with...except that they also make her tummy hurt.

And that is not okay.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've tried two different brands and I have chosen the ones that I think work the best (for Isabel).

Both are the same dosage and their main active ingredient is "simethicone". Both contain 20 mg Simethicone per .3mL (newborn and infant dosage). Both can be given up to 12 times a day. And both formulas I used were the "dye free" formulas.

However, I prefer the Mylicon drops BY FAR.

When I gave Isa the Mylicon drops when she'd begin getting fussy and pulling her legs up to her tummy (classic sign of a tummy ache), she almost immediately calmed down. She'd let loose a bunch of gas (toot toots!!) and be a much happier little Princess.

However, when I ran out of the Mylicon drops, I ordered a bottle of Little Remedies Infant Gas Relief Drops off of Amazon instead of the Mylicon drops, mainly because the Little Remedies had tons of great reviews.

I had high hopes, ya'll.

But they failed to deliver.

Isabel has been fussier than ever since switching to the Little Remedies.

I first noticed the difference in the early morning. See, our routine has been that she wakes up around 6:30 am (that varies...but let's just go with 6:30) to nurse and sometimes get a diaper change. Then she and I will fall back asleep until...whenever. BUT sometime between that nursing session and "whenever", she gets gassy. She'll lay in bed and grunt and grunt, trying to relieve her tummy ache. When I gave her the Mylicon drops, she'd cease the sad little grunting sounds and fall back into a peaceful sleep. But with the Little Remedies, she continued to grunt and be restless.

Then I began noticing that she was getting extremely fussier, especially in the evenings. I'd give her the Little Remedies drops but they did little to nothing for her discomfort. Because she was never quite that fussy when using the Mylicon drops (I'd give them as soon as she'd start crying and pulling up her legs), I could tell that the Mylicon drops were helping to ease her pain. (I also bicycle her little legs to help get the air bubbles moving)

I am not even going to finish using the bottle of Little Remedies and am going to buy another bottle of the Mylicon drops...hopefully tonight. Mama and Isa need some rest!!

PS...I have talked with her pediatrician about her tummy aches and he doesn't feel that it is anything in my diet that is upsetting her tummy. I don't drink dairy milk or eat yogurt (nor do I eat much cheese or other dairy products). I don't drink soy milk or eat soy very often (I will eat a veggie burger on occasion...but I don't think I've had one in weeks...) I also don't eat a lot of bread products. Her doctor thinks it's just normal newborn tummy adjustment issues. Also...over the last week (after using Mylicon), her gas has been distinctly less stinky! Yay!!

For those of you who have used these gas drops, which is your favorite??


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