False Labor

Definitely had some excitement last night...definitely had me, a "birthing veteran" (given birth 4 times so far), not quite sure if it was real labor starting or not for a little while. I think I began slowly losing my mucus plug yesterday. Towards the evening, I was just feeling strange, antsy, feeling not myself  (but we also have a very severe storm system moving in, so that could explain my anxiousness. I'm terrified of bad storms.)  Some painful contractions that were mostly concentrated in my lower back. Very nauseated. I sat and "rocked" on my birthing ball and walked around my bedroom. Went to the bathroom (sorry, y'all, but it's all apart of the process). We tried timing the contractions, but it was too confusing. My stomach seemed to be hard for really long periods of time and I wasn't able to tell when one was ending and another starting. They were irratic according to my timing app: 2 mins apart, then 6 minutes apart, then 4... I told Antonio that the pain was definitely bearable, so I was going to try to sleep. I ended up calling asleep for a couple of hours. I was awakened at 2:15 am with some sharp feeling contractions...but I've noticed that I've been awakened a few nights in a row with the same type of contractions at about the same time, which sounds like prodromal labor. So I just laid there until I fell back asleep. I am doing just fine this morning, so obviously my body is really working at preparing for The Big Day...and I'm sure it's coming soon...but no one knows for certain exactly when...


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