Delicious & Healthy Weekly Meal Plan | March 6-11

I'm starting to struggle with making healthy meal plans...when I know good and well that I'm not really having the energy to spend much time in the kitchen.

(A note for my awesome new readers: I'm 8 months pregnant with Baby #5!!)

I'm thinking that here soon I'm going to try to stick to mainly slow cooker meals...but we'll see what I find!

I only have one recipe this week that I'll be tossing in the slow cooker and see how that works for me, if doing it that way is any easier on me.

Long time readers of Naptime know that I have cut out a large portion of "bad" carbs out of our meal plans....while I haven't completely eliminated pastas, white rice, and bread products, I do try to keep them to a minimum. You'll see that reflected in this week's menu, too.

My menus are fairly flexible and since my husband took our youngest two boys out for a "Guys Night Out" to Chuck E Cheese one night last week, he brought me and the big kids home some Zaxby's. Which gave us an extra dinner to just make this week instead. He also got off of work early another night and took us out for the evening. Soooo...another meal that I didn't make next week was bumped up to this week's menu.

Now, for the main event (hahaha), here's this week's menu!!


Strawberry Banana Smoothies
Wheaties cereal (we have raisins that they can add, if desired)

For me: either eggs or a cherry-berry smoothie (if I even eat...breakfast isn't always my "thing")

(little kids can pick 3-4 items, big kids pick 4-5 items for lunches; everyone gets to pick just one snack...but fresh fruits are pretty much unlimited)

fruit cup
hard boiled egg
honey graham crackers
scoop of peanut butter
cheddar-mozzarella cheese stick
tuna salad
fresh pineapple
dinner leftovers
anything leftover from last week's lunch choices


Pancakes & homemade hashbrowns

Cauliflower pattys with herbed potatoes (either cut into wedges or slices & baked)

Split Pea Soup (vegetarian) cooked in slow cooker w/black bean burger pattys

and then somewhere in there, we'll have a Date Night/Take Out Night

Most of the dinner recipes contain recipe links, so be sure to click on them to snag the recipe for yourself!! Let me know which you're making!!

I'm hoping to have my weekly grocery haul video up on my YT channel here soon! By the way, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) because I don't usually remember to post my videos over here on my blog. That way you can get the latest out of all the Naptime has to offer!

Love to you all!! xoxo


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