38 Weeks Pregnancy Update | Midwife Visit

This is me, today, getting ready to get started on this blog post.

Ignore my horrible posture...I'm trying to stay awake to type this post up.

Note the computer resting on my stomach? Baby Bunny likes to kick it off frequently.


Okay, so my "pregnancy calendar" has been altered a bit...technically, according to my edd, I should be 38 weeks tomorrow. But since it's just the day before and I am measuring at 38 weeks today, we are just saying that I am 38 weeks today.

You following along with me so far?

Not too much of an update to make. Christine said that really all we're doing now is waiting for Baby to make their grand entrance.

My blood pressure was great: 100/68

My weight is the same as it was a month ago...she says that I have gained a total of 12 lbs for this pregnancy.

Urine looks great!

The baby wasn't wanting her to listen to it's heartbeat but after some adjusting me into different positions and MUCH careful searching with the magic wand (fetal doppler), she finally picked up a strong heartbeat. We weren't worried at all during this heart beat check, as Baby was kicking and moving around while she was looking for the "sweet spot", so to speak, on where to pick up a loud and clear heart beat. Baby was just being ornery.

She said that baby is showing lots of strong movement, which is a good thing. No signs of distress.

So, yeah, we're just doing the waiting game now.

She said to call her when I notice any changes that make me think I'm going into labor. My doula (who is also her assistant) said to call when my contractions were 3 mins apart but Christine said "Noooooo! Do not wait until they are 3 mins apart! Call me much sooner than that!"

Being my fifth baby, we could go very fast...or not. But I'd rather have her here a little early and ready to deliver than wait to call her and she not make it in time.

You feelin' me?


Not to say that I want to waste her time! But she can make the judgment call when I call her and she can hear my breathing and the fluctuations in my voice during contractions. Or she might need to come out and check me and end up going home. Who knows...this is all new to me but oh so exciting!!

Who else is so excited to see how this all goes and to "meet" Baby Bunny?!!


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