"36 Weeks Pregnant & Cooking Healthy For 6" Meal Plan!! | March 20-25

Okay, the keyword in my home when it comes to meal planning lately is "FLEXIBILITY", guys!!

I am just about 9 months pregnant (well, 36 weeks divided by 4 weeks per month = 9 months, right??), so getting out and about it getting trickier (not to mention getting the motivation to actually COOK!!) plus my husband and I own our own business and we're getting into our busy season, so that adds another few degrees of difficulty into the mix. The big kids are going to help me with some of the dinner cooking this week, if I need it.

So, yet again, I have another dinner left over from last week that I can make this week, if I want (and why wouldn't I, since I already have all of the ingredients, right??).

I'm actually probably going to wind up with a dinner or two that I don't end up making this week...but we'll see how it works out!

So now let's jump into it:


Yogurt topped with fresh fruit
Fruit Smoothies


Sliced deli cheese
Dinner leftovers
Last week's lunch leftovers
scoop of pb
fruit cups
Carrot slices


Spicy Thai Noodles with Salad
(recipe link in last week's meal plan)

Loaded Baked Potatoes w/Sauteed broccoli & garbanzos

"The Best" Vegetable Enchiladas & spring greens salad

Baked Spaghetti with spring greens salad

Plus a Date Night/Take Out Night or two mixed in there....

I'm gonna be honest with ya. My lunch/snack column looks a bit haphazard, in my opinion. I'm actually just winging it while I type this up, planning as I go. Not the best way to do things, but I'm trying, guys! I hope this was still a bit motivational and has given you some healthy (slightly healthy??) meal inspiration!!



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