I'm Getting a Maid?!!

When Antonio first mentioned getting me a "maid", I'll admit, I was flabbergasted.

Weren't maids for frou-frou ladies who lunched and took showers on the daily?

I mean, I've always *joked* about hiring a maid but it was in the same vein as joking about going to the salon to get my hair dyed instead of having Antonio do it for me as I sit in a kitchen chair while the kids ooohed and aaaahed over watching my hair magically turn colors.

But he's totally dead serious.

Now, let me clarify, I'm not talking about a "maid" in the sense of a fancy shmancy uniformed lady that answers my door for me, wielding a feather duster.

But more of having someone come in once or twice a month to help with some of the chores that seemed to get pushed to the side, as I struggle to make sure everyone is doing school on a regular basis, all mouths are being fed several times a day and I'm just doing my damned best to keep from going insane. Plus I'll be caring for a newborn that will be nursing on demand and helping to run our family business. I mean, that will be me with the business running...not the baby. We'll wait until at least the toddler years before showing them how to email out invoices and contracts....

I gotta say, I'm definitely seeing merit in the whole kit n caboodle...especially with having someone come in and help me get the house in order for a home birth.

And before anyone is quick to point out the fact that I have two strong and able-bodied teenagers and 2 energy-boosted youngsters that can help me with scrubbing the way-down-low shower tiles (that I just can't reach with this big pregnant belly in the way...honestly!) or with polishing up the woodwork near the floor that seems to attract dust like nobody's business...let me clarify that my kids have a lot on their plates, too. They have their own daily and weekly chores that they (usually) do on a (fairly...occasional) basis.

My husband works a lot. The kids and I work a lot. (Christian was actually working 60-hr work weeks last summer when he went to work with Antonio...while Mahri stayed home and helped me chase around the little boys and keep the house in order)

We need a bit of help sometimes just bringing it all together.

And I don't think there's any shame in that, is there?

And that sums up what's on my mind right now.

How are things on your end??



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