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Okay, did any of ya'll make any of the recipes I gave you last week?

If you follow me on IG and FB, you know that I altered the recipe that was supposed to be Spicy Asian Zucchini Noodles (couldn't find almond butter at my farmers market) and ended up just stir frying the veggies and putting a little alfredo sauce on them. And they were loved by all!!

But I think the Vegan Pho was the grand slam of the week.

I really think you need to try it!!

In fact, let me know if you do make it!! We had never had Pho before, so we were all nervous to even try it...but, boy, are we glad we did!!

I didn't end up making the Pesto Spaghetti, so I may make it this week...we'll see. Maybe instead of the freezer meal...hmm...

I'm now 31 weeks along in this pregnancy (Baby #5, yo!) and as much as I would looove easy packaged recipes, I just can't do it. I actually WANT to eat healthy whole foods, so there ya have it. I just have to get over this exhaustion and waddle my big ol' belly into the kitchen and deal with it. hahaha

Here is this week's healthy meal plan:
(Grocery & Farmers Market haul videos will be up soon!)


Yogurt with dried mango or papaya


PB Banana Smoothies
(with almond milk)

(little kids pick 3 for lunch, big kids pick 4...unless little kids want to add a veggie, then they get to pick the veggie and their 3 other choices....snack time yields just one choice)

Graham Crackers
Scoop of Organic Peanut Butter
(either cheese cubes, a cheese stick or a mini Babybel wheel)
Celery sticks
Dinner leftovers
A Cutie (orange)


(Gluten Free, Paleo and Vegetarian)

(entree is Gluten Free, Low Carb and I'll be making it Vegetarian)

Freezer Meal OR Pesto Spaghetti


(Gluten Free & Vegetarian)

aaaand a Date Night/Take Out

Sides are still TBD at the time of my putting this post together. Most of the dinners have a recipe link, so be sure to check them out!

And let me know...what's on your menu this week?!


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