Weekly Menu | Jan 30-Feb 4

Are ya'll ready for another full week of delicious and healthy foods?!!

I am trying to go with mostly whole foods-based meals. Meaning: not a lot of boxed/processed/packaged ingredients. I am also trying to go with mostly plant-based meals, though I will clarify that we're not completely vegetarian. I actually ended up not getting some of my groceries until this morning, so we ended up having take-out Zaxby's chicken for dinner last night.

For those new to my blog, I homeschool my 4 kids and so they eat every single meal here. But I am not wanting to be cooking all day long, so breakfast and lunches are typically pretty grab-n-go meals. Things they can put together themselves. But even these lunches can be assembled in Bento box-type lunch boxes (or even in baggies and mini containers) and go to school with your kiddos! I've been doing Lunchables-inspired lunches for awhile now and they really seem to love them. Each week I will change up foods to give them more variety and less chance of getting bored.

It may be worthy to note that I am 7 months pregnant with Baby #5.

Most dinner should contain at least one recipe link (for the main dish)...just give it a click to be taken to the recipe page!

Here we gooooo....


Overnight oats with raisins and sweetened with raw honey
Mixed fruit smoothies

I also bought them a watermelon and grapes that they can have with a couple of their breakfasts

** Mom's Breakfast: Watermelon and Berry Smoothies **

(little boys get to pick 3 items from the list...unless they are super hungry, then they can pick 4...big kids pick 4 items)

Hard boiled eggs
(if I remember to actually cook them)

(Cheese cubes, cheese stick or a mini Babybel wheel)

Mixed greens salad

Fruit cups in 100% juice
(I think we have mixed fruit, pears and mandarin oranges to choose from)

Scoop of organic peanut butter


Dinner leftovers

Unsalted mini pretzels

(the kids like to put them in the freezer in the early afternoon to make into frozen yogurts for snack time)

** Mom's Lunches: Mixed greens salads with chopped kale and mushrooms added in, smoothies, dinner leftovers **


Zaxby's Take Out

Romaine Tacos with Mexican-seasoned brown rice
(corn, beans, fat free refried beans, sour cream and salsa wrapped in Romaine lettuce leaves instead of taco shells/tortillas...served with seasoned brown rice)

served with mixed green salad

served with dinner rolls

Sesame Sweet Potato Noodles (who else loves their veggie spiralizer?!)

Date Night mixed in there somewhere, hopefully

And that's how our week looks! What's on your meal plan this week??


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