My, How My Tastes Have Changed! (literally!!)

7 month pregnant belly and a Cherry Berry Orange smoothie

Oh, my goodness, this pregnancy is definitely playing mind games with me.

As I have been battling with an almost nonexistent appetite for most of the 1st and 2nd trimester, as I am starting the 3rd trimester, I am really trying to hone in on what my body is REALLY craving.

Most of the time it is fresh fruits and vegetables.

I know that I really got healthy when I was doing Raw Til 4. Which is basically eating completely vegan (plants, no animal products) foods that have not been cooked until dinnertime.

That means salads, fresh juices and smoothies for most of the day!

I'm telling you, when I was eating that way, I was glowing and my body was healing itself from so much.

Then, at dinner time, I cooked a vegan (no animal products) meal.

The frustrating part was that the kids wanted to dabble in the Raw Til 4 lifestyle BUT still indulge in less-than-healthy foods, too.

That gets expensive.

I would spend literally hundreds of dollars a week on fresh produce...and then have them ALSO wanting "regular" foods.

But I really think that I'd like to go back to Raw Til 4 soon...if not before the baby is born, then after. Ya'll have no idea how great your breastmilk is when you load up on lots of greens! Think about it...if a cow needs to make milk for her baby, she doesn't go into the kitchen and fix herself a steak, does she? No! She grazes on tender grasses. And look how big her baby gets! Yup. Greens are where it's at, yo.

An interesting note: last night, we ordered a ton of takeout from different places. I ordered myself a Philly CheeseSteak, 6 garlic pepper hot wings and then shared some nachos and white cheese dip with the family. And you know what? I was pretty gross. Everything tasted so darn salty! Like, my tongue felt like it was swelling up in my mouth and I was dying for a glass of water.

The Philly also reminded me of the semi full of cattle that we passed the other day on the highway. I clearly remember the way I felt when the cows' sad eyes met mine. How I cried as I touched the window, wishing I could pet them and set them free. I don't want to contribute to that cruelty and needless torture and death anymore.

Vegan beans & greens with mushroom ravioli

Yesterday, we went to the HUGE farmers market that I love so much. I haven't been there in months. See, it's not super close to my house and it's always extremely busy...not good for my severe social anxiety. But I have checked out other FMs in the area (those of you who watch my FB Live videos know that I recently checked out a new one) but they are all SERIOUSLY nowhere near as awesome as the Dekalb Farmers Market is. I wish I could take pictures of this place for ya'll, but they don't allow any type of photography in there.

I loaded up on tons of fresh veggies and fruits, greens, teas, spices and even some more local raw honey. I also bought some antibiotic-and-hormone-free, free range, humanely raised chicken and ground beef. (for some healthy recipes that I'm making this week) I even bought myself half of a watermelon and a papaya. I cannot express to you how excited I am to dig into that watermelon, especially!

And that's what I've been up to lately! How have you guys been?


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