Maybe It's NOT Gestational Diabetes? | Day 4

As each day goes by with several more glucose readings notched in my belt, I am beginning to suspect that I don't really have gestational diabetes. If you notice from my FB posts, I've been incorporating a lot of fruit smoothies into my daily routine.

Because that is what I'm craving regards to my glucose readings:

My numbers are well below the "limit" Christine (my midwife) gave me.

For the most part.

See, my after-meal (postprandial) readings have to be under 120.

The highest any of my postprandial readings have been was 101.

(in the time since I originally wrote this, my numbers have occasionally elevated slightly above that on occasion. But NEVER close to 120)

Now my morning/fasting readings have been above the limit she gave me.

She doesn't want those levels above 95 but mine have been consistently a few points above. Typically still under 100, though. (one day was a bit higher...104)

Doing some research, I discovered that my asthma medicine (Advair) and possibly my ventolin inhaler also, are known to raise glucose levels!

Since I do a treatment of Advair at bedtime (and sometimes once in the morning), that could explain why my morning/fasting numbers are a bit higher than recommended.

I actually emailed my food diary and glucose log from last week to Christine this morning (today, as I write this, is Monday). I texted her to let her know that it was in her inbox.

She ended up texting me back and said she'd check over everything later but that she remembers from her days of working in the hospital (she is also an RN) that some asthma inhalers/medications definitely raise glucose levels. She suspects that may be the case for me.

She has asked if I would mind continuing to test my glucose levels until this Sunday just because I was borderline diabetic when pregnant with Austin. I said No Problem!

So we shall see!

I am just so floored that this is the first pregnancy in which someone let me know beforehand about an article that explains how the 1-Hr Glucose Test can be wrong/very inaccurate, depending on your diet (the way you eat in your everyday life). And then, lo and behold, it may have actually happened to me?

LADIES!! PLEASE!! If you are pregnant (or one day will be pregnant), please remember that you should have the choice between doing the 1-hr glucose test OR finger pricks for 5 days. The finger pricks are always more accurate! Let your pregnant mama friends know about this option, too! It could save you a LOT of tears and frustration.

I'll keep ya'll posted!



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