Gestational Diabetes & Pregnancy Update | 27 weeks

Oh, ladies (and any gentlemen reading!), I am wiped out.

My mom seemed surprised that I have been so tired throughout this pregnancy, but when I think about it, I did "perk up" a bit during most of the 2nd trimester. Now I'm feeling more tired, though nowhere near as tired as I did at the beginning of my 1st trimester! For the first time in YEARS (maybe since becoming a mom), I've easily been able to sleep til 10 am. Before I was pregnant with this baby, I could barely sleep past 8 am...but now I could sleep the day away, it feels like! I know that I shouldn't get used to it because once Baby is born, they will have me up super early, but I'm going to take the rest where I can get it for now.

My friend Aimee, who also has 5 beautiful children, assured me that her 5th pregnancy also consisted of a lot more tiredness than her previous pregnancies. Though, this is technically my 6th pregnancy (I lost a baby to a miscarriage in 2014), I'm sure that what I am feeling is totally normal.

Well, after a little over a week of testing my glucose levels every morning as soon as I woke up and after every meal, I was given the "all clear" from my midwife: It looks like I DO NOT have gestational diabetes!!! Can I get a hallelujah?!! She did say that I will probably test myself again around 34/35 weeks, just to make sure, though.

According to those pregnancy websites, since I am 27 weeks along (technically 28 on is Thursday), the baby is about as tall as a head of Romaine lettuce and weighs around 2 lbs!

I am feeling baby constantly moving all day long!

The tiny little "pops" that you could see in my tummy when Baby kicks/punches have morphed into more dramatic movements. Some of the kids have actually felt a tiny arm rub against their hand when put their hands on my stomach to feel Baby move.

My asthma is getting bad again. Totally normal for me during pregnancy. I am just having to up my Advair dosage from using it just at bedtime to also doing it in the morning, too. I'm hoping that is able to help. My torso is just so small...I can feel the baby way down low in my pelvic region AND up in my lungs! Boy, Baby must sure be feeling quite cramped!

My appetite has picked up a bit more than it was...I am leaning towards thinking that the whole diabetes scare really did a number on my brain. Like, when I could eat whatever I wanted, I didn't want to eat anything. Then, suddenly, my midwife tells me that my diet will have to be restricted and suddenly EVERYTHING sounds delicious! hahaha

But mainly healthy foods are where it's at. It's weird. Most of the time what I reallllly want and am able to eat are fresh and plentiful salads and fruit smoothies (just fruit, water, some greens powder that I bought that has non-dairy probiotics and a bit of stevia). Plus I am drinking lots of water. More so now that the weather is warming up a bit down here in Atlanta.

My mood swings are...well, not anyone's idea of a great time. I find myself less and less able to overlook things if I give them much thought. So I try to ignore a lot of things, just so that I don't lose my temper or say something that will hurt someone's feelings.

I've been having a lot of leg cramps and muscle aches in my legs at night, no matter how I sleep or prop up my legs. I sleep with a pillow or two (including my beloved pregnancy pillow) between my knees and that only works for a little bit. I'm looking into buying some magnesium oil to rub onto them and see if that helps.

I've been having a lot of nerve (possible sciatica) issues mainly going down my left leg. When I had Christian (who is now 13), the epidural messed up something and I've always had issues with that left leg. But it gets worse when I'm pregnant. We took the kids to the Mall of Georgia last weekend to walk around and it was slow going for me. I feel like a turtle. And often times, you'll find me leaned over, propping myself up on a shelf or by holding onto a clothes rack, while I try to ease the nerve and/or stop the Braxton Hicks that are hurting me at the moment.

Thankfully, Antonio is used to this part and knows that wherever we, no matter how far we drive to get there, it will probably be a short trip because I'll just get wore out after an hour or so.

We've recently put a crib and 2 matching dressers (one for Baby and one for Antonio and I...since Baby will be sleeping in our room for awhile) in Layaway and have been slowing buying things for the Nursery Nook in our room. I'm going with a Boho-theme, which is SO up my alley!

I have also been obsessing over things that need to get done around the house.

Early nesting phase? Perhaps.

Antonio just started laughing the other night...I was sitting on the toilet. (because that's all I do all day and night: pee) And suddenly, out of nowhere, I started talking about how we needed to put up shelving for towels.

We've also been discussing hiring a cleaning person to come out and do some of the things that I can't really do but need to be done before the baby gets here. As I told him, I'll be laboring at home this time, God willing. The midwife, assistant/doula...they're gonna be up in the nooks and crannies of our house. I want the tile and grout scrubbed in the shower. A couple of months ago, we had a problem with our shower (in my and Antonio's bathroom) getting stopped up and the water pooling at the bottom of the shower. It caused some of the grout to get discolored and mildewy, especially in the corners. Well, there's a fair chance that the midwife/doula will be helping me in the bathroom/shower and I don't want yucky grout!

And, don't laugh, but I also want to Shop-Vac out our kitchen cabinets. Again.

I did it a few months ago when we first moved into the house but I want to do it again.

Just in case.

I also want to go out and organize the barn...but I think that might be a bit overwhelming.

** And that's about sums up how things are going so far in the pregnancy!! **

Are you following me on Facebook? If you are, you might have noticed that I have discovered how much I love making FB Live videos!! I've only done two but they were really a lot of fun to do and I'm hoping to make lots more...maybe on a more regular basis!

What have you guys been up to lately??


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