Gestational Diabetes?! | The Diagnosis


So much can change yet still stay the same all at once.

Last Thursday, Antonio and I took our kids to the mall to eat dinner and let the little boys play at the mall for a bit.

My midwife, Christine, had just visited us the day before for a routine prenatal visit (25 weeks along, yo!) and to test me early for gestational diabetes.

Because I have been having so much trouble with my appetite and gaining weight this pregnancy, I really didn't see why she was worried about diabetes. I mean, sure, the red flag warning signs (well, technically "risk factors") were there.

But I am definitely eating better food this go 'round.

I was all about those milkshakes and other sweets when I was pregnant with my other 4 children (I've actually been pregnant 6 times...but lost one baby to a miscarriage. I never got the chance to proceed very far into that pregnancy, so I never had cravings or any of that with that little soul).

But...wait...if I'm going to be totally honest, my diet isn't the best. I mean, yeah, it's better than my previous pregnancies BUT that doesn't really excuse all of the fast food I've been eating lately. Even if I can't eat a full meal...I am still eating small-moderate amounts of JUNK. Simply knowing what I should be eating isn't enough. I need to actually EAT it.


I mean, yes, I do eat veggies and healthy foods...but I still no plenty better than to eat fast food as often as I do. that's enough of that! I was just giving a bit of my mental processing. ::wink::


I was quite proud of myself because I had eaten a big salad and a bowl of fruit for dinner while everyone else ate either Taco Bell or Chinese food. The little boys were having a ball running around the indoor playground, making new friends. The rest of us were loving just watching them have fun.

But the mall was closing soon, so we had to go....

As I was climbing into our brand new-to-us Suburban (more to come on that in a future post/video), I noticed that I had a missing call and a text on my phone.

It was from Christine, my midwife.

She asked me to call her as soon as I could.

Given the hour (8:30 pm), I was more than slightly nervous to call couldn't possibly be good news if it couldn't wait until tomorrow....

Yeah...well, that just about brings you up to speed...and gives you a bit more background on the following video, which will explain the rest of the story:

In the end, I do hope that there was just some problem that my body had digesting that much glucola and that I really don't have gestational diabetes in my every day life, pregnant or not.

But only time will tell....

I'll keep ya'll updated!!



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