10 Random Facts About ME!

Hey, ya'll! I thought I'd give you a bit of random and odd background info about me....

I've been to HippieFest (before kids!)...no, I don't remember what happened there. hahaha

💙 I was voted "Class Least Likely To Ever Have Children" my senior year....I am now pregnant with my 5th baby

 I went to school to be-- and became certified in-- Administrative Medical Assisting. However, I had wanted to go to school to be a mechanic...I thought that would have proved more useful. I now wish I would have been able to take both since I have become quite obsessed with natural remedies and caring for your body naturally

💙  I've been homeless and lived in my car

 My favorite Pandora station is "Drops Of Jupiter" radio

💙 I believe in aliens and am certain not all have bad/evil intentions. One of my favorite shows to watch is Ancient Aliens and I do watch for UFOs when I'm outside and it's dark

☮  I once went with my friend to be her moral support as she 'tried out' for a job as a stripper....I was offered the job on the spot. I declined for several reasons. One of which is (bonus fact!!!)...I can't dance.

💙 I started off homeschooling my children with an almost $0 budget...I made my daughter's worksheets by hand with white paper and Magic Markers. She learned to read and do simple math by the time she was 3 that way.

☮ I used to write poetry. Like, lock myself in a dark candlelit room for hours and write and write and write. My mom got worried. She said the poetry was "dark". Therapy was issued. The poetry stopped.

💙 My husband and I didn't have a "wedding". We eloped to the courthouse (on his day off...because he couldn't afford to miss a day)...which was under construction, so the 'ceremony' was done in a dirty hallway. I was wearing jeans and a fake velvet t-shirt. Neither of us even had wedding rings to exchange. We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary back in October


Anonymous said…
very interesting, but not in a bad way. I enjoyed the facts of your life..keep up on the random posts, they make my day :)

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