Road Trip!!! Birthday Party!! Pregnancy Fitness!! WITL Dec 3-9


Pregnancy Update: I am now 21 weeks!

Maybe I didn't mention it really last week (or maybe I did...I don't know! hahaha), but we left on a little roadtrip on Friday evening. We got to our destination: Northern Kentucky suuuuuper early in the morning on Saturday. I think we checked into the hotel at around 2:30 am

I had booked our room at Red Roof Inn because kids and one family pet stay for FREE! But I was unprepared for how nice the hotel was going to be. Now, it's probably not "fancy" according to your standards, but we really, really liked it! We got a suite with 2 queen beds plus an office nook with a full-sized pull-out couch! Plus a free continental breakfast.

On our way up to KY, I bought a cute serape (Mexican blanket) at a gas station. I love my serape!

This coffee machine was much loved during our visit!

We were in KY to meet my parents, who had downsized on their holiday decorations and were giving us the things that they were no longer going to use. My mom has always been super into decorating for the holidays but she said that since the kids ( kids...hahaha) aren't up there, it just seems like a waste to decorate their big house. So all of the decorations were quite a blessing for us!

They also brought Austin his birthday gifts, so he was super pumped!

Gypsy (who got to come along for the fun) was keen on watching everyone working down below in the parking lot.

We had planned on staying overnight Saturday night but decided that since Austin's birthday was the next day and I had to pick up his cake by noon on Sunday, we had to go. Plus, we didn't want to spend all day long on Sunday on the road. It's about a 6 hour trip, so we left late on Saturday evening.

Here is what I caught Levi doing the second we walked into the door of our house....

He said he was stretching out his legs.


Austin's birthday party!!

He wanted a Shopkins-themed party this year.

Our cat got to the cake before we did, the little stinker!

After we ate cake and opened presents, we watched Elf, which everyone loved.


I put up Christmas decorations and pretty much just took it easy for the day.

(lets see if I remember to include pictures!)

I was contacted by a friend who is starting her own law firm and asked if I could design a website for her, so I am working on that this week, too.

Dinner was Creamy Corn Soup with Dinner rolls


My midwife came for a routine prenatal visit.

Here's a little update for you guys (in case you missed it on FB):

Dinner was Wendy's. I just had a small fry and little over half of a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger.


Grocery pick up and put away day!! Woooo!! hahaha

A massive headache kept me down for awhile until I took 3 Tylenol. Those of you who have been reading my blog (or are friends with me either IRL or just online) for awhile, know how much I hate (HATE!!) taking medicine. But sometimes you just need to, ya know? I tried resting. Eating. Drinking water. I tried a kale juice.

Nothing helped except the Tylenol.

I'm wondering if it was because I was doing a lot of work on the computer and my brain just crashed. hahaha

I made a copycat recipe for dinner of Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup with cheese quesadillas. I had the Chili's soup YEARS and YEARS ago and all I remembered was how much I loved it. I have NO clue if this soup that I made actually tasted like Chili's....the baby wasn't too fond of it....but Antonio and the big kids LOVED it! I didn't even bother trying to give the little boys any because it was slightly spicy and I knew that they would rebel. hahaha I just made them bigger quesadillas instead.


Lunch was a big salad! I have loved salads so much in this pregnancy and I've decided that if that's what baby wants, that's what baby gets.

Organic greens, a whole avocado, a whole hardboiled egg, some tortilla strips and salad crunchies (pepitas, dried sweet corn and a couple of other things were in the mix) topped with some French dressing.

I *finally* got my motivation mustered up and took the first step in trying to implement a regular workout routine for myself and Mahri, who has always been my workout buddy.

My plan WAS to do a few 10 minute segments of a Prenatal Pilates video that I bought off of Amazon Instant Video and then lift some light weights and do some lower body stuff.


That plan didn't work out so well.

Mahri complained when the video was first starting about how this was going to be a wimpy and restrictive workout, considering it was for pregnant women. Being that she used to do 40 minutes of high impact Zumba classes with me, she figured this was a slow walk through the senior citizen park.

She was wrong. Girly Girl forgot that it's been quite some time since either of us had done a Zumba workout. Let alone ANY type of workout at all! hahaha

She and I gasped and eeked our way through our workout.

We ended up completing 2 of the segments before calling it a day.

I didn't even attempt to do any additional weights.

We'll try it again tomorrow....unless we're too sore...then give us a few days, mkay? hahaha

In related news....I was highly surprised to see that my workout pants still fit me...albeit a bit stretched in the waist:

I made a delicious butternut squash pasta sauce and poured it over whole grain pasta.

It felt good to have such a healthy dinner after a workout. I miss those days! I reminded Mahri of our days when we had been working out 5 days a week and eating really healthy...within 3 months we were so slimmed and toned! (long story short: I ended up falling outside while gardening and injuring my SI joint and psoas muscle, so I had to give up on workouts for awhile....turned out to be a long while since my motivation ended up taking a hike)

Being that I'm pregnant, I am not trying to lose weight. But I would LOVE to tone my arms and lower body (butt and legs). Plus eating healthy is NEVER a bad thing, you know? So, hopefully we'll be able to keep this up! I figure that since I haven't had much of an appetite anyway and am not really pigging out on junk food like I tend to do while pregnant. I mean, don't get me wrong! I do eat junk food! But not like I have with previous pregnancies. So why not take advantage of it by eating healthy and working out, that way there's not a lot of junk food sabotaging me, ya know?


Mahri and I worked out again! Woohoo! This time was lower body...and dang did it work it! hahaha

It's funny because now that I'm beginning to exercise, my appetite is picking up slightly.

2 over medium eggs seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked paprika...and a little ketchup. I buttered some pumpernickel bread but barely ate one slice of it.

Lunch was a big salad:

Fruit smoothie for snack!

I'm thinking of getting acrylic nails (again)...but the ones I want, I'm not sure would be very conducive to mothering 5 children....but aren't they so pretty?!

What do you think? Should I go for it?? hmmm....

Dinner was a dupe recipe for Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup. It was AMAZINGLY GOOD!! I was surprised that my little guy, Levi, who hates sausage loved it in this recipe! I used mild Italian sausage since the little guys don't like spicy. The rest of us just added Sriracha to ours and it was so good!

Well, that was my week, guys! Thank you so much for stopping in! How was YOUR week?!! Let me know in the comments!! xoxo


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