Problem With My Prenatal Lab Work? | Baby #5

My midwife emailed me the other day to give me the results from my tests that she drew a few vials of blood for.

She said that everything looks good and normal...except that I have very low vitamin D levels.

The normal range is anywhere from 32 to 100.

Mine was 19.

When I looked up symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, here's what I got:

extreme lethargy
muscle weakness and pain
stomach with my IBS

Hmmm...well, that could explain a lot!

She told me that I am to start taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D a day to boost my levels.

I told her that Antonio was to blame because he's the one who brought in my clothes dryer, forcing me (of course) to stop hanging every load of laundry on the clothesline in the sunshine. hahaha (sunshine helps your body create vitamin D on its own)

Anyone else have a vitamin D deficiency??


Anonymous said…
Glad all is well ... Vitamin D deficiency is an easy resolution.. I have always taken Vit D bc I dont drink much milk or diary.... You're doing awesome and love your posts xoxox Jeanne
Shannon Winkle said…
Yeppers I take 5000iu daily also! :)

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