First Midwife Appt & Listening To Baby's Heartbeat! | WITL | Oct 29-Nov 4, 2016

Last week was a busy one!!

Saturday was pretty typical. I am now 16 weeks along in this pregnancy! Antonio and Christian went to work. I made waffles for the rest of the kids and swept the house and did a bit of laundry. That part was pretty routine for us...but it's in the afternoon that things got least for Mahri!!

Mahri went to her friend's annual Halloween Blast (party). This is her second year going but last year I went with her (I'm friends with her friend's mom). This year I thought that it would be good for her to go alone...and I was right. She made a lot of new friends and had a ton of fun!

The rest of us picked up Wendy's for dinner after we dropped her off. I had their Taco Salad and a baked potato. That's my first time having their taco was pretty good!

When Antonio went to pick her up, he seemed to be gone a really long time, so I ended up calling him just to make sure that they were okay and to let them know that I was going to bed. Mahri ended up answering the phone (Antonio was pumping gas) and I told her that I hoped she had had fun but I was so incredibly tired and would probably be sound asleep by the time she got home. "That's okay!" was her answer. "I'll just wake you up and tell you all about how much fun I had when I get home!"


Sunday was filled with lots of running around. But since the kids and I don't get out too much during the week we had fun doing it.

First, in the morning, before most of the kids were even awake, Antonio and I left to look at a truck cap (I guess down here they are called "campers"?) for Antonio's truck. We are planning on going to visit my family up in Ohio and picking up some Christmas decor that my mom has set aside for me (she is downsizing her huge holiday collection) and I want the cap on the truck in case not everything we bring back fits into our small enclosed trailer.

While we were gone, Mahri cooked scrambled eggs in tortillas for the boys.

When we got back, we all jumped in the van and took off to run our errands.

First stop was World Market:

Our family loves the exotic/vintage-type treats from around the world that they offer.

The little boys were arguing over which candy they would get.

I just bought them some gummy frogs.
(the candy...not actual frogs hahaha)

Look at these cute Christmas pasta noodles!

I ended up buying a bag of the Halloween pasta.

Some interesting potato chip flavors.....

We are looking at buying a new kitchen table here soon. We need a pretty big table to fit us all and we really like some of the tables that World Market had.

I think I like the first one better....but I like the bench option that the second table offers. Which one do yo like better?

The top table only comes with chairs as an option.

Before we could go to any more stores, the kids demanded food!

Greedy little buggers!!

Taco Bell it was!

You know you're a big family when you no longer fit at the same table any more.

After lunch, we went over to Michaels because Mahri is looking into making jewelry and wanted to price some of the supplies she would need.

I ended up buying much more than she did!!

I actually did a haul video for you guys!!

Did you see it already? Do you subscribe to my channel? If not...well....

Check it out!!

(You can view it on a larger screen by visiting my YT channel directly by clicking HERE) on it. Subscribe to my channel. Help boost my self esteem. ::wink::

One last stop before we went home:

Home Depot

I had a list of things I wanted to buy there but didn't get it all. Some of what we bought were.....

A shelf with rod for the boys' closet for Austin and Levi to hang their clothes in the closet in their room. The closet in the boys' room is super extremely small (especially considering that there will be 3 boys sharing it), so I bought the shelf with a rod to put at a level that they can reach. Then they will be able to hang up and put away their shirts (if they are still clean) when they are putting on play clothes or getting their jammies on for bed.

Christian got a basket for some of his rock collection and other odds and ends that seem to be cluttering up their bedroom.

We got Mahri screws to be able to hang up her shelf for all of her nail polishes.

Look at this Christmas tree I want to get!!!!

The one in the middle that looks like it has a bit of snow on it... ::swoon::

Plus, we love that the lights are attached and it's only in, like, 3 pieces.

Our current tree needs to have each branch attached to the "trunk" individually. And, of course, the lights need to be strung up.

I was going to buy this house plant to put on one of the shelves in my kitchen window...but luckily I googled it in the checkout line because it ends up being a variety that is toxic to pets, so I put it back.

Antonio also bought this cute light that projects images of bats onto our barn doors. (It's really neat and the kids love it!)

After Home Depot, we went home.

But then it was time for a whole new kind of fun: getting stuff done around the house!

(I can feel your excitement through the screen...I really can. hahaha)

Antonio and Christian brought my dryer down the barn!

And while they were up there, they found my large box that is filled with my cloth diaper stash. I was so excited to see it because I thought it got lost in our move. Unfortunately, the diapers smell mildewy, so I'm going to strip them and hang them in the sun and see if that helps any. I was never able to sun them at the trailer very well, so I'm excited to let the sun have its way with these suckers and make them as good as new!

After that, we were all pretty much exhausted and we went to bed.

Then on Monday was Halloween!! But, of course, there was stuff to do first.

I washed some laundry and hung it out on the line to dry and then swept the playroom. Then I cleaned the mirrored closet doors in my room. I had Mahri and Christian wash the windows in their bedrooms and sweep their bedroom floors, too. I also had Christian sweep the hallway and Mahri sweep the hall bathroom.

I also was able to film...not one...but TWO videos: a haul video and the video of my 1st Trimester Must Haves. I'll warn ya'll now: I look a mess in both of them, but oh well! At least I *FINALLY* got them filmed! haha!

I also did my online grocery shopping and scheduled pickup to be in the morning.

Antonio got home early so that we could take the kids Trick or Treating. Normally, I'd be cooking dinner since it's Monday, but since we had to run anyways, we decided to grab something while we were out.

Did I tell you what the kids were??

Mahri was the Queen of Brazil's Carnival
Christian was an axe-wielding psycho who escaped prison
Austin was a "muscle guy"
and Levi was a gecko lizard
(not to be confused with the cartoon character....he wanted to be an actual lizard, yo)

Look how cute they were!!
(Mahri and Christian weren't wearing their full costumes because they didn't want to scare the little kids at the mall....well, Christian didn't. Mahri just felt she was a little overdressed for the mall with her head piece on)

We decided to swing by the mall for Trick or Treat there and just eat while we were there. I picked Subway so that we could just get their $5 daily meal deals.

And then...can you believe that I totally forgot to take any more pictures while they were outside trick or treating??! I was just so caught up in enjoying the night that taking pictures didn't even cross my mind. 

Poor Levi the lizard, though...he lost his tail somewhere while we were walking. But we just told him that real lizards often lost their tails, so it just made him even more of a lizard.

We also stopped out to see one of Mahri's friends who had invited us to stop by to get some candy. I'm going to see if they can send me a picture (I didn't take my phone in with me) because what I saw inside their house was the cutest thing EVER!! A mama cat was nursing her teeny tiny kittens...she had even "adopted" another mama cat's brood (they think the other mama cat is sick) and was nursing her kittens with hers! It was adorable!! I'll bet she had 8 little kittens just nursing away....

Her friend's aunt gave me a thorough look-over. From the front. From the sides and even a look at my backside. Once she had all the details she needed (from how I was carrying and my weight distribution), she has predicted that I am having a boy. I'm excited to see if she is right. I told her we'll have to see when I deliver!

On the way home, we stopped by Dairy Queen and got their new Candy Cane Oreo blizzards. What a great way to end such a special night!

I'm excited because my fetal doppler that I ordered the other day will be here tomorrow!


As soon as I woke up, I made my daily To Do list. I've been making them for the last few days and really love how they keep me focused and motivated.

Plus, I like adding things to the list just so I can check them off. hahaha

Antonio went and picked up my groceries...and then I filmed a grocery haul:

To watch it on YT on a larger screen (or, ya know, to give my video a Thumbs Up haha), click HERE.

My midwife is coming tomorrow, so I'm trying to make sure that the house is looking tidy and clean. I washed my sheets and comforter and hung my comforter out on the line. She said that there is no pelvic exam at our first visit (wish my old providers felt the same way!! seems they were always a little too eager to do that at the first visit. Blah. hahaha) and that she'll just be taking my blood, listening to baby's heartbeat and chatting.

I also hung the bathroom rugs out to air, too. They're clean but it's good to let them air out frequently. Did you know that sunshine kills germs?

I checked on the tracking information for my fetal doppler and, unfortunately, it's not quite on schedule and won't be here until tomorrow. Boo!

I made roasted veggie tacos for dinner and they were a smashing success!!

I just preheated oven to 300, chopped up zucchini, yellow squash and yellow potatoes, put them in a bowl with some coconut oil (not too much, just enough to thinly coat everything) and poured them onto a baking sheet. Then I sprinkled them with salt, pepper and smoked paprika and roasted/baked for about an hour. While they were cooling off, Antonio warmed the flour tortillas in the oven (wrap in foil first!) (but don't wrap in foil if you are warming them in the microwave...duh) for a few minutes until they were warm and soft.


Antonio reminded me at around 11 pm that I needed to create and print out a contract for one of our clients, in addition to printing out the contract and paperwork for the midwife. Of course, as things go, our printer mysteriously quit working. Wouldn't print out a darned thing. So he had me look up an affordable printer that he could just run to Walmart and buy super early in the morning. I wanted an Epson and found this one at a decent price. We'll see if it's any good, I guess.

Wednesday did not start off good. I did NOT want to wake up, but Antonio's alarm went off at about 5 am so that he could run to Walmart to pick up the printer. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I sulked in bed, waiting for him to get back. Once he did, of course the installation process took forrrreeeevvvver. I was NOT a happy camper.

He brought me breakfast and coffee in bed as a peace offering. It worked. Sort of. haha

As soon as the papers printed, he took off for work and I went out into the house to start my day. I made granola for the kids' breakfast yogurt. It turned out great, even though I opted not to add nuts or fruits and forgot the vanilla. ::doh!!::

After breakfast, we straightened up the house and mopped most of the floors to get ready for the midwife's visit. Just as the UPS guy was dropping off my FETAL DOPPLER!!!, she (midwife) called to see if she could move our appointment up an hour early and I said Sure!...but I was still running behind when she got here. I was in the shower. ::Face Palm::

She was so incredibly sweet and very knowledgeable! She is a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) and has almost 10 years of baby-delivering experience! She answered all of our questions and explained how everything would work. She'll be coming to my house for all of our prenatal visits (and the postpartum ones, too!!): once a month until I hit 28-30 weeks. Then it will be twice a month until I hit 37-ish weeks. Then weekly until baby arrives!! I am hiring a "back up" doctor, just in case things don't work out quite as well as we are expecting. Many of you in Atlanta will recognize the name of the doctor she works with/is referring me to: Dr. Bootstaylor!! (for those of you not familiar with his name, he is a "celebrity" amongst the natural-minded birthing mamas here in the Atlanta area. He is pro-home birth (though he delivers in hospitals), great at helping mamas achieve a natural birth and is supposedly a guru at delivering breech babies vaginally. I will go to see him at the end of the month for my anatomy scan and just a quick little checkup, so that I can retain (is that the word??) him as my backup doctor, should the case arise that I'd need to deliver in a hospital. While I hope that I never have to see him again (no offense, Dr. Bootstaylor!!), I believe in being prepared and having a Plan B. She also said that when I go into labor, she'll be camping out at my house until baby arrives.

She took some vials of blood (all the normal prenatal labs, except for genetic testing, which I opted not to get. I never do) and a urine sample for a urinalysis. And she went in for a listen to baby in utero!!

I will warn you: I look **AWFUL**. 
(remember she came while I was still in the shower, so I had no makeup on and my hair was still super wet)

First she had me lay on the couch...but baby would not be still and let her listen! He (or she) was allll over the place. You could hear him kicking and moving about...but no heartbeat. You can see that even though I *knew* she said he was moving around, I was still concerned that there was no heartbeat.

So she had me get down on the floor to lie flat on a hard surface. She found him then! haha!

My babies are always very small (even she remarked on it) and so they are usually found pretty low (more towards my pelvic region) by Doppler. I had forgotten that bit when she was looking for him.

At the end of the visit, we gave her a plate of chocolate chip cookies that Mahri had baked for her, she gave me and Mahri a hug and said she'd see me in a few weeks!

After she left, we decided to open our own fetal doppler and try it out. The little boys got to try first but they had trouble finding the heartbeat, so Antonio showed them how...he found baby right away! So then everyone (that wanted to) took a quick turn.

It was so cute because Levi thought the speaker part was a microphone and he kept talking to the baby: "Baby come over here! ....hey, baby! Don't go down away from us! Come here, baby!" I just melted watching how excited he was to communicate with the baby.

We also made a guess as to what the baby's sex is based on the heart rate. ::wink::

Then, I used the doppler to find everyone's heartbeat, so they could hear their own heartbeat. They thought that was pretty cool.

Later on, I made split pea soup, which is always a hit with my family. I served it with some garlic breadsticks. I didn't put the celery, marjoram or green onion in. It was still delicious! Large Family Cooking Tip: instead of transferring to a blender to puree the soup, use an handheld immersion blender. That made the process SOOOO much faster and easier! (and less clean up because you aren't using the blender and extra bowl to do it in smaller batches)

THURSDAY allowed the craziness of the week to catch up with me. Exhaustion hit like a ton of bricks. I didn't even really get dressed for the day...I just pulled on a long skirt to wear with the t-shirt I slept in.

I gave the kids some yogurt with homemade granola on top for breakfast and proceeded to spend the day washing pocket diapers and covers turned out great! But my inserts smell like mildew in the worst way and even 5+ hours in the washing machine with several bleach treatments and a soak didn't take the odor away. Craaaaap.

I also cleaned out the van, pulling out all the empty cups and paper bags that were strewn throughout. I sprinkled some baking soda on the carpet and left it overnight to deodorize.

Dinner was spicy goulash (made with ground turkey instead of beef). I made it on the stovetop fairly quickly. I just browned the meat, then added the rest of the ingredients (minus the pasta) and let that simmer for about 20-30 minutes. Then I added the pasta and let that cook. Everyone loved it, even though my little guys were skeptical. Mahri made cornbread to go with it.

Friday finally arrived (actually, the week seemed to fly by)! Antonio made himself a fruit smoothie and made some extra for the little boys, too. Then he found a bag of (almost stale but not quite) Mexican pastries and handed that out to everyone for breakfast. Hey, it worked.

I checked on the cloth diaper inserts in the wash and, yes, they still smelled mildewy, so I decided to give it one last try before resorting to buying some specialty cloth diaper soap. I washed it on Heavy Duty cycle with super hot water, bleach, baking soda and a vinegar rinse. When it was done, I took a whiff. Then another. And another. I think the mildew smell is GONE!!! Was it the baking soda?? Is THAT all it needed?!! I don't know, but we'll see... I put it through one more rinse cycle, just to be sure that all of the soap and bleach were gone and hung them outside on the clothesline to sun. We'll see how they smell later this evening after full day of sunning and airing out.

After Mahri helped me hang the inserts on the line, I tossed some towels and Christian's stinky sneakers into the wash. I added a hefty amount of baking soda for good measure. ::wink::

I went on Etsy on a whim to look for an all-natural nipple balm to use after the baby is born to help with sore nipples from breastfeeding. (I distinctly remember how it feels, at times, like baby has tiny razor blades in their gums!) I put it in my Baby WishList/Registry, so that I can go back and buy it later (otherwise it will just get lost in my "Save For Later" list, which is getting quite long!). While there, I found a TON of great products that I hope to buy before baby gets organic perineum massage oil that will help to reduce the risk of tearing and supposedly helps to relieve the "ring of fire" pain when baby is crowning. The oil also helps to reduce perineum brusing and help te body to heal more quickly. Now, I'll admit, those are mighty large claims it's making...but, seriously, who wouldn't want to try to alleviate that pain, dude?

I ended up buying (to use in the meantime)  homemade vegan and paraben-free pumpkin spice soap and pumpkin spice lotion, vanilla lip balm and a handmade wooden soap dish. I can't wait til it gets here! Mmmm!! I hope it smells as great as I'm anticipating!

In the afternoon, I checked back on the diaper inserts and they smell clean! No hint of mildew smell that I could tell! Yes!!

We decided to surprise the kids with an impromptu bonfire and let them roast hot dogs over it for dinner. While it didn't go as well as I had hoped, it was pretty much a great night.

All in all, it was a pretty busy week (by my standards) but it was seriously a ton of fun!

I'll have another WITL post up for you guys next week!!



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