Cranky Pregnant Mom & The Amazing Sleeping Boy | Week In the Life post | Nov 5-11, 2016

Saturday kept me on the couch feeling lazy for a large chunk of the day. Maybe all the fresh air from the cookout the night before wiped me out? Who knows. I had a huge list of "To Do"s but I skipped out on most of them. #MomTruth

I even ordered out Dominos for lunch so that I could watch episodes of The Twilight Zone with the kiddos.

My asthma took a blow, though, which is not a good thing ever...but especially not when I'm pregnant. I'm not sure what happened exactly, but there was a lot of smoke coming from our neighbor's yard (not close enough for us to see what was going on for sure)...but the smoke was just light gray and smelled like wood, so I figured that they were just having a huge bonfire. My whole yard, front and back, was filled with smoke and it was coming in my windows and doors, even after I closed them up, my house was just filled with smoke. I've been having trouble ever since. ::sigh:: Two fire trucks ended up going there....not sure what was going on but we're wondering if it was a bonfire that accidentally caught some of the nearby trees on fire.

Antonio took me out for a date Saturday evening. We went to a local steakhouse and just had a great time hanging out. Have you ever had watermelon sweet tea? Oooh, it is so good! One thing about this pregnancy that is starting to crack me up is how I'm suddenly really like mushrooms. Mom, if you're reading this, you may stunned into a stupor at that mushroom remark. Believe me, it's thrown me for a loop, too. I ordered sauteed mushrooms for on top of my steak AND we got fried mushrooms for an appetizer. Ya'll don't even know how much I loathed mushrooms my whole life, so this is a definite surprise. hahaha

When we got home, we rented Alice Through The Looking Glass (with Johnny Depp) from Amazon as a family movie. I really liked it...possibly better than the first...and the kids mostly liked it, but Austin (5) said that it scared him a little.

Sunday started out relaxing, as the boys all got in bed with Antonio to watch Ninja Turtles (Mahri was in her bedroom getting ready to go), and I got to watch Mad Men by myself in the playroom. This NEVER happens, so I made sure to cherish every silent sip of coffee I got to take! hahaha

Before we left, Antonio and I vacuumed out the van and I cleaned the dash and the seats (the armrests and sides) with cleaner.

We had wanted to go to IHOP for breakfast...we've never been there...but, as always, their line was atrocious. Being pregnant and not in the mood for such crap, as waiting in long lines, we moved on. But every place we drove past was PACKED (oh, how I HATE Sunday mornings in Atlanta if only for the reason that every breakfast place is jam-packed), so we ended up just going to KFC. The little boys were more than slightly amused by the spinny seats.

Isn't Mahri's hair so cute?! Space buns!! I love it!!

I had spent the last several days stalking an CraigsList ad for this listing for newborn baby gowns for sale. The ad clearly stated FCFS, NO HOLDS, so I had to wait until I knew for sure that I was able to get up to her house (almost an hour from our house), so on Sunday, I emailed her to ask if I could swing by and buy the gowns (Swaddles and regular gowns).

While waiting for her to reply, we stopped by Once Upon a Child just to see what they had. It's been YEARS since I've been there!

We ended up getting a Dekor diaper pail that can also be used for cloth diapers (or either way, I'm covered!) and 3 baby sleep sacks. (they were having a sale "Buy 2 Get 1 Free")

I hadn't heard from the lady yet and I was getting really tired, so we went home to rest for awhile. We were going to stop for a little bit to let the boys play at a playground but both of them were saying how incredibly hot they were in their sweatpants (it was much cooler when we had left the house in the morning), so we just opted to go straight home.

We were home for a couple of hours and then she emailed me to let me know that it was okay to come buy the gowns. So off we went again!

I'm planning on doing a haul video to show all the cute little teeny tiny newborn things I bought!

On our way back home, we stopped for dinner at Steak N Shake. As usual, we tried to fill our table with happiness and laughter...even a guy at a nearby table turned around, smiling, and remarked, "There is a whole lot of laughing going on over there!"

Out in the parking lot, I thought that Antonio was walking up next to me...but it was a woman's voice, which startled me. "Oh!! I thought you were my husband! But then I thought that his voice had turned awfully feminine!" and the woman started laughing. For some reason, I was just following her through the parking lot (I had thought we had parked near her....I was wrong) when Antonio shouted "Hey! Monica! Where are you going?!" Once I realized my mistake, I turned and shouted back at him "I just figured I'd go home with her!!" She laughed harder and told me to hop in her SUV! hahahaha!!!

Monday left me a lot of catching up to do since I had been so unmotivated near the end of last week. Unfortunately, I've been getting a headache for the last few days, too, so that didn't help matters. I really didn't get a start on much housework until after 6, when Antonio came home with some Tylenol for me. After that, I washed a load of laundry, cleaned toilets (fun, fun!!) and did my online grocery shopping.

Dinner was Tortellini Pesto with Roasted Veggies. As you can see, I didn't add all of the veggies that the recipe called for. It was still gobbled up by everyone, though.

As usual, Antonio and I tried to watch some of Ancient Aliens once we went to bed, but I was asleep before we were even halfway through an episode.

Tuesday morning, Antonio went to pick up our groceries and brought home breakfast from McDonalds with him, which is getting to be the norm when he picks up groceries. Hey, who am I to complain, right? ::wink::

Ugh...I have NO idea what is going on with our trash company. They have really good reviews but I'm not sure how to feel about them yet. See, I paid for my service to start (just one month at first) and then they were supposed to email me an invoice when it was time to pay for the next 3 months. Well, my invoice never came! I checked ALL of my email inboxes AND their Spam folders. Nada. I emailed the company and the lady said that I needed to use the link in the emailed invoice to pay my account. I asked her to please send me it again, as I never received an invoice. She never responded. I never got an invoice. And now they apparently aren't picking up my trash?? They usually come around 4 am...but it's now 2:13 in the afternoon and my overflowing trash can is still full at the end of my driveway. ::sigh::

On the plus side, I got a shower today, got dressed, fixed my hair, put on makeup AND I filmed another TWO videos for you guys (a weekly grocery haul and a newborn clothing haul)!! (be sure to check my YouTube channel, if they're not posted on here or you missed them)

I am just feeling like I'm SO on the ball right now. hahaha

Hey, the trash men just a Penske rental box truck?? first, I thought that they were repossessing my trash can (hey, I've had it happen before! hahaha But this time I am really wanting to pay my bill...just PLEASE send me my invoice!) but they were just dumping my trash into the back of the truck and then put my empty can back in my yard. Those poor guys! As a fellow small business owner, I totally understand how hard a blow they are taking if their vehicle has decided to die on them. I'll keep them in my prayers that everything works out for them.

While I was editing videos and the big kids were doing school, Levi just passed out right next to Christian (who is reading Huckleberry Finn and hating every page of it).

Look at that! Levi's sound asleep!

I made meatball subs for dinner. I was a bit worried because I don't remember the last time I made meatballs from scratch. But I used Jen's recipe for them and they turned out AMAZING!

While watching Tabitha's pregnancy update video, she mentioned a really awesome pregnancy app that gives super detailed 3D pictures and details of what your baby looks like in any given week! Check this out!! This is for my 17-week baby!!

Wednesday was yogurt with homemade granola for breakfast.

Later in the day, I got a lot of computer work done for our business, namely applying to "upgrade" from a sole proprietorship to an LLC.

My homeschool philosophy with my kids when they are young is to let them mostly learn through play. But I recently got tired of my youngest two always wanting to play mindless computer games (like Poptropica) and decided that it was time to add in a new facet to their education: a few online classes. Nothing super structured...just something that they can play and actually learn from when they're wanting to play computer games. I decided to go with Time4Learning. Another "bonus" for them is that typically they are not allowed to watch their shows on tv or play their video games until after 5 pm...but I let them do computer school during the day for a bit while the big kids are doing their book work.

The deal with T4L is that we used to use them. A couple of years ago, I bought a couple of subscriptions for Mahri and Christian to do most of their schoolwork online through T4L. And it was a really bad experience. Part of it was my fault: not monitoring their online grade book after they'd show me what grade they got on a particular assignment. Later I found out that Christian was just randomly pushing buttons as fast as he could, hoping he'd get the right answers. If not, he'd immediately go through and redo it. Over and over again until he passed (the program would not let him progress unless he had a passing game). That little lazy stinker!!! Then there was the issue where the question would be a multiple choice question....but either the correct answer wouldn't be listed OR the correct answer would be listed but my kids would get it marked wrong out of a software error! After it happening repeatedly on different lessons, I ended up contacting T4L and all they could say was that the program was not theirs, that they were just the middle man and would pass my complaints on to the maker of the product.

That made me mad, considering how much I was paying each month for a crappy education, ya know?

So I hesitated with getting it for Austin and Levi. But then I considered that it's mostly just going to be "for fun" (well, they think it is...I hope that they'll be learning) and if it starts to give us any issues this year, I'll cancel our subscription.

So far they're doing really good at it and seem to really like it. I have them both in the Preschool level (Levi is 4 and Austin is 5)...but there are 2 levels to the PreK program and they're able to do a lot from the advanced PreK level, so that's reassuring!

I got my much-anticipated package from the Etsy store Botanical Bars and I eagerly filmed an "Open Box" video, where I open the box on camera and even demo'd the products.

Unfortunately, the box did come with some disappointment, as you will see in the video that I'll be posting soon...

I made Zucchini, Black Bean and Rice skillet for dinner. As always, it turned out great...but, as always, I forgot to put the cheese on while it was hot. ::oops:: haha

Thursday rang in with Belgian waffles for breakfast, much to the kids' delight.

Not much went on except housework and mom stuff...not much to remark on.

Oh! And I got My First Trimester Must Haves video up on my YouTube channel!

And then dinner happened.


I made Homemade Chicken And's a Pioneer Woman recipe, so you know it's phenomenal. I served it with some Kings Hawaiian dinner rolls.

In the middle of my cooking dinner, poor little Levi (who had been napping on the couch in the playroom) wandered into the kitchen. Then promptly laid down in the middle of the floor and fell asleep!

How cute is that?!

And check out how utterly delicious dinner was:

Friday started out pretty lousy.

I didn't get much sleep the night before (I dreamed that Antonio got a Taco Bell credit card?? what in the world...???) and Antonio forgot to turn the volume off on his phone the night before and so an early rising customer of ours texted and woke me up.

I made some triple berry muffins for breakfast (I made them with almond milk and they turned out wonderfully!) and tried to cheer up.

Levi was happy that he got to lick the bowl.

I checked on our credit scores on Credit Karma (oh!! that reminds me! I need to post Part 3 of my Raising Credit Scores Fast series!) and was extremely pleasantly surprised by what I found there.

I remembered that Antonio was grilling steaks for dinner and I had forgotten to order some grill cooking accessories and these nonstick grill mats that my mom had told me about. So I quickly ordered them from Amazon with Same Day Delivery, so that they would be here in time for Antonio to start dinner.

I got the big kids started on school work and I ended up ordering Dominos later and we had an impromptu pizza party for lunch. Well...I had a large salad and a few pieces of chicken instead of pizza, but you know what I'm saying.

Soon afterwards, I went back to my room to try to nap. Molly came back to cuddle up with me and enjoy the rare quiet time.

Unfortunately, Antonio (who stopped and bought flank steak and Mexican salsa from a nearby Mexican store) got home long before the grill mats and cooking utensils came, so he had to cook the steaks he bought without any of them.

Another bummer came when Mahri went to wash the potatoes so that I could make baked potatoes....only to realize that the potatoes were bad.


So, at Antonio's insistance, I started a pot of Mexican rice and...I'm not gonna lie...I proceeded to sulk.

Technically, I walked out of the kitchen and told Antonio that I didn't want the rice (I was realllllly wanting baked potatoes, not a Mexican-themed dinner) and that if he wanted it, he could cook it. Then I went back to bed.

I ended up eating dinner with the family but didn't get any pictures.

After dinner, the boys all hung out in the playroom and Mahri and I hung out in my bedroom watching Ancient Aliens.

Mahri shrieked tonight when she realized that I will be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow. The time is just flying by, it truly is.

Well, that was my week this week! A bit boring, I'll admit, but it's my life. How was yours??

I'll be back next week with another WITL post...if not sooner with additional mom rambling. haha Hopefully I'll have something a bit more exciting to share!


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