Impromptu Pizza Party & Halloween Plans

Last week just flew by!

This past Saturday marked the beginning of my 15th week in pregnancy. I cannot believe how fast it's going by...

Last Friday I ordered Dominos for a surprise pizza party lunch. I wanted to give the kids a special treat to celebrate the simple fact that it's Friday. I love seeing my kids be happy for simple things and is something I really work hard at emphasizing.

I ordered enough pizza for 2 days' worth of lunches

The big kids have been trying to avoid their school work over the last few weeks and I have to end up reminding them...sometimes not so nicely...that they need to get a move on and open their books. I think they are just excited that the extreme heat of summer is over and they are finally able to play outside without melting. I'm toying with the idea of switching up the school year and having them "do" school throughout the summer and have the fall off instead.

Doesn't that sound nice? Since we have the pool, they'd be able to take swim breaks (recess and gym class, anyone? haha) throughout the day but when they get too hot, we can go inside and work on our schoolwork. Another option that is quite popular amongst homeschoolers is to have the kids do school  work all year long but with shorter days. That may also be a better fit for us. But with the new baby being born in April (God willing), I have a feeling that a summer break will be much appreciated by all of us! I guess we'll see as time goes on....

The clothesline that I rigged up last week is proving to be a life saver. No more digging around, trying to find clean clothes for everyone to wear. Antonio gave up on clean socks long ago and just bought a huge pack of new ones. haha

I had been forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins over the last couple of weeks and have really been feeling drained and lethargic. I started taking them again last week and have felt a definite rise in my energy level!

On Thursday after I swept all of the floors (we have hard floors throughout our house, either hardwood or vinyl, depending on the room), I went through and mopped all but one room. I haven't had the energy to do that (mop) in weeks! And boy did they need it!

Antonio has been super busy at work and isn't coming home until after dark. The kids and I try to wait until he gets home to eat dinner.

Some of our dinners last week were:

A hodge-podge soup with beans, corn, onion, green pepper, potatoes, green beans and noodles served with a cornbread that Mahri baked.

Italian chicken (marinated overnight) with french fries

Penne alfredo that was supposed to be served with broccoli but Antonio surprised us with authentic tacos and sopes from a local Mexican taqueria, so we just ate those with the pasta. He also brought home treats from a local panderia (hispanic bakery) for after dinner.

Sloppy Joes with green beans

I'm starting to have a bit more of an appetite which may or may not be a good thing.

Christian has rekindled his love for Legos after taking a break for a couple of months. Look at what he built! He is trying to build an actual clock and is experimenting with different sized gears.

We're hoping to take the kids to Boo At The Zoo this weekend (I'm actually writing this on Friday...which is last Friday to the time this is posted, we may have already went to Boo At the Zoo) so that Aussie and Levi can go trick-or-treating. Mahri is planning on TOTing with them on Halloween night but Christian feels that he is too old to get candy but wants to walk around in costume nonetheless.

Austin is being a strong man.

Levi will be a lizard.

Mahri is going to be something akin to a (modest) showgirl with a peacock-feathered mask and head piece.

And Christian is going to be an escaped prisoner that wields a bloody axe and wears a mask.

I'll post pictures of them in costume after Halloween!

I asked the kids how they would like to have a hot dog roast on or around Halloween (possibly this coming weekend) and invite the neighbor kids over for it. I have dubbed the occasion our first annual Halloweenie Roast! haha! We'll finally be able to put the fire pit in our back yard to good use!

Does your family have any fun Halloween traditions?


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