Home Birth? | Baby #5


You read it right.

Home birth.

As in...having this precious baby in the comfort of our own home.

It is something that I have been talking about wanting to do since before I even got pregnant with this little chick.

But once I got pregnant..well, fear began to creep in. I mean...this is America. Going to the hospital is what you do when you're in labor, right? (at least that's what's been ingrained in us over the last several decades...thankfully, we have options)

But the more that I am learning how difficult my local hospitals are going to make it for me to go natural (no pain relief), I realize that home birth is what I am heavily leaning towards.

See, my local hospitals require an IV to be inserted immediately upon being admitted.

And constant fetal monitoring.

Both of which I am not wanting....mainly because both inhibit, if not prohibit, movement during labor. Frequent and full movement is necessary for a birthing mama, to help her find relief from the pain and intense contractions.

Photo courtesy of Agroterra Photography
Plus, I have requested "No Epidurals" at the beginning of each of my labors. But they try and pressure me into getting one. "At least let us put it in now...we won't hook it to any medication..but at least it will be in for later if you change your mind. If you change your mind later, it might be too hard to get it in when you're in more pain."

I always gave in. I mean, heck, if you're getting it put in why not have the meds, too?

(I was also induced with each of my previous labors...I have heard from friends that induced contractions hurt MUCH MUCH more than natural contractions)

I also want to be able to eat and drink during labor.

I remember how incredibly thirsty I got during all of my other labors...only to be spoon fed tiny ice chips.


Ummm...no, thank you.

I'd like a real drink, if you don't mind.

Photo courtesy of Birth Without Fear Blog
All of my children will be able to be near me, even if they aren't watching or participating in the event. They are at least nearby. No sending them to a sitter or worrying about them while I'm strapped to a hospital bed. I won't even have to find someone to watch my pets!

Even a midwife-operated freestanding birth center presents its own set of difficulties, namely, I would have to leave my other kids at home or take them with me. No one (out of my kids) who thinks that they want to be there for the birth can change their mind once things get intense; they'll be stuck there for the long haul.

At home, my kids can be in the other end of the house, watching tv or even playing outside. They can come in and visit with me whenever they want, pending my mood and pain level, of course.

This photo (courtesy of www.littlelaphoto.com) brought tears to my eyes. How precious is that?!
I will be able to rest and recover in my own bed, with my own bedding and use my own bathroom.

I am currently in the process of looking for a CNM (certifed nurse midwife) who attends home births. One that I feel like I connect with and feel comfortable with. One who has many years of experience in both home birth AND in a clinical setting.

I think I found my gal...but still want to think on it and pray about it. Then I will meet with her.

I'm also looking for a doula to help and comfort me throughout the labor.

I know that many people get freaked out when they think about a woman choosing to birth her baby at home. But this is something that I am comfortable with and not very scared of. I mean, sure, other people throwing scare tactics at me can rattle me....but all-in-all, home birth is a very strong possibility for this little one and me!

Do you have a wonderful and inspiring home birth story? Please share it in the comments below or on my FB page!



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