Boo At the Zoo & HalloWeenie Roast!

Last Week's Week-In-The-Life!

Saturday.... Antonio left early for work and I got to sleep in until around 8:30. Everyone else woke up starting around 9 or so. While Christian and Austin played Legos, Mahri and I played a game of Count Your Chickens with Levi.

Later, I had to argue with Levi yet again that he cannot wear shorts to go outside and play. It is too cold. It is only in the 50s here in Atlanta right now. We compromised when it came to his coat: he had to wear a coat...but no shirt underneath. Ah, well, it's the same as wearing a hoodie sweatshirt anyways. The sun is shining bright. He'll be fine.

My laundry is blowing in the wind on the clothesline and the sound of Austin and Levi's laughter dances with the laundry. It's a good day.

Contrary to her fabulous facial expressions, Molly absolutely loves the new house! Living here, she can go outside and play every day in the fenced-in yard and sleep in the sunshine on the back patio.

We took the kids to Boo At The Zoo on Sunday and the kids had so much fun!!

We even made it just in time to see the bird show!

The boys decorated little cotton ball ghosts, navigated their way through an inflatable corn maze...and Levi even got to dance with Curious George!

We stopped in the afternoon to eat at Golden Corral and Mahri met a new friend just as we were about to leave. Unfortunately, this sweet girl lives a few hours away (she was on her last day of her visit to our area) but they exchanged contact information and I'm hoping it blossoms into a great friendship.

Monday brought a lot of laziness on my part. I spent a chunk of the day crying, just out of feeling overwhelmed. I am in the process of hiring a midwife and beginning on this amazing journey towards a home birth.

Antonio thought I was crying because I was afraid of having the baby at home.

I told him, no...I've given birth plenty of times...I'm just afraid of pooping in the water birth tub!

The midwife and I spoke this afternoon and she seems very knowledgeable and extremely nice. She'll be coming out to my house for my first prenatal visit next week.

I'm really excited to do this!! ....remind me of that when I'm in the throes of labor. ::wink::

We had Potato & Corn Chowder with Italian bread for dinner. The chowder was a big hit. I did do a few things different from the recipe: I made mine on the stovetop instead of the slow cooker. I didn't add any thyme. I used dried minced onion instead of onion powder.

I did my online grocery shopping and scheduled it for pick up tomorrow...then headed to bed.

I am seriously addicted to online grocery shopping and don't know how in the world I did it before it existed!! A total life changer, lemme tell you!

Tuesday morning.... I had a bad dream that I discovered that Antonio had been cheating on me for years. And that he had actually published a private book (only one copy...for himself) of the lurid details of his escapades!! I woke up in a sweat and realized it was all a dream. But I still glared at him, as he peacefully slept, unaware of all he had just put me through. hahaha Do you ever have dreams like that and are mad at your spouse/partner, even though it's totally ridiculous because it was only a dream?

Antonio went and picked up our groceries and brought home some coffee from McDonalds as a sweet surprise for me. He also brought home cinnamon rolls for the kids for breakfast, so they were super excited.

I did some laundry and filled out online medical forms for my midwife. Holy guacamole, the website said that it would take approx 15 minutes to complete them all...but it took me literally HOURS!! Between the kids fighting, making sure everyone did their chores and then filling out the my medical history...including short birth stories for every one of my babies...I was wiped out near the end.

I was happy, though, because I got to talk to my dad, Curt about his side of the family tree in terms of medical history. And, of course, we just ended up talking about everything under the sun and laughed and had a great conversation.

After I talked to Dad and filled out the forms, it was time to make dinner....TACO TUESDAY up in the hiz-ouse, people!! hahaha I usually make vegetarian tacos...these ones were filled with Mexican rice, refried beans, corn, Romaine lettuce, Mexican cheeses, sour cream and Sriracha (no Sriracha for the little guys!). They were so good!

Because we hadn't gotten an official birthday cake for Christian (his birthday was last month!!!!!), Antonio brought home a DQ ice cream cake. Don't get me wrong: he had cake at the restaurant when we took him out last month for his birthday...they even sang Happy Birthday to him. But we wanted to get him an "official" cake.

Levi kept trying to lick the icing, so I snuck up behind him and smacked his face into the cake! Unfortunately, I used a bit more force than was necessary (I thought he'd give me some sort of resistance, but he didn't!) and he got blue icing all in his mouth, eyes...even up his nose! Antonio spent 10 minutes trying to get the icing out of his nose. But Levi just kept shrieking with laughter. All's well that ends well, right?

Wednesday brought more laundry. Thank God I don't have as much as I had to do last week! Last week, I was washing and hanging at least 2 huge loads a day. This week, I'm only doing one medium-sized load a day. ::whew::

I had hoped that Antonio would be home from work in time to throw the barbecue chicken on the grill....but, alas, I ended up just baking them (at 350 for about an hour...which my friend Sara says is way too long, but I'm not chancing food poisoning, thank you very much! They never turn out dry, so I'm not worried...but maybe Sara's chicken tastes better...hmmm) and dishing them up with rice pilaf and green beans.

Thursday was a change of pace for me.

The kids and I made homemade waffles from scratch for breakfast in our new Belgian Waffle Maker and they were hands-down the best waffles we've ever had!! I did add a lot more sugar than the recipe called for and even a small squirt of liquid stevia, as the reviews for the recipe said that the original recipe was quite bland.

Antonio only worked til the early afternoon and then he and I ran some errands for the business, paperwork type stuff. The part of the business that I am in charge of.

At the end of all that running around, he treated me to a little dinner date at Chick Fil-A.

When we got home, he brought down our bed frame and Mahri's bed frame from the storage barn. They've been just sitting up there for months but really it wasn't bad sleeping on mattresses. At least not for me, the short one. hahaha Antonio, who is quite a bit taller than me, said that trying to get up off the floor every morning was getting to be a literal pain.

Friiiiiiday!!!! It's finally here!!!!

Today, Mahri made the boys breakfast burritos while I talked to my mom on the phone. She is such an amazing helper and I am eternally grateful for all that she does!

We are talking about her getting her a part-time job....not for the money but for her to get out of the house and away from the craziness at home for a few hours a week! hahaha I'm definitely going to miss her more than words can say, but maybe this will be good for both of us. She's getting overly excited at the prospect of earning some extra spending money, though.

I went up to the storage barn to look for my cloth diaper stash but I can't find the box anywhere! It's frustrating because I am not entirely certain that Antonio didn't accidentally throw it away when we moved. Oh my gosh...can you just imagine?!! That's hundreds of dollars.....gone. Hopefully we'll find it here soon. I need to start stripping them because when I was using them with the Levi, I ordered some brand-new ones and only used one of them out of the new set, I think, but then *poof* he was suddenly potty-trained. I knew he was close to being potty-trained when I bought them them but they were such a great deal that I couldn't pass them up. ANYWAY the reason I'm looking for them and need to strip them is because one of the new ones from that pack and a few of my other newer ones were leaking when I last used them. It was frustrating, to say the least. But I was reading today that they may need washed up to six times before they'll be fully absorbant, so maybe that's what the deal was. I think I only washed them once or twice. I want to strip them now and test them out before I actually need them, so that I know what step I need to take next.

In the evening, we had our very first Hallo-Weenie Roast!! When we moved into this house, we were excited to see that there was a nice-sized fire pit in the back yard. We finally christened it by roasting hot dogs and marshmallows! It was most of our kids'...and even Antonio's!...first time eating hot dogs cooked over a fire. Antonio fell in love and ate, like, 5 of them! hahaha Afterwards, as we were waiting for the fire to go out, Christian brought out his telescope to check out the beautiful and clear night sky.

That last picture was way too grainy but I still wanted to include it.

Well, that was our week last week's week-in-review post (which will cover THIS week) should be pretty exciting because my home birth midwife is coming for her first visit this week!!

And I'm still trying to figure out if I want to do my First Trimester Must-Haves in blog or video form.... Maybe both...we'll see! (seeing as how I'm officially in my 2nd trimester, I guess I should get a move on, eh??)


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