I'm Not Getting An Epidural

I am planning on having an unmedicated labor and delivery.

No induction.

No epidural.

Does the prospect of this scare me? Yes.


I am reading my copy of Spiritual Midwifery that I bought years ago but never really got into until now. It is so inspiring and encouraging, as it is filled with tons of birth stories of mamas who went naturally, most at home. Even breach and twin births!

It focuses a lot on "smooching" your partner with every rush (contraction) and having your partner squeeze your breasts to help with dilation and natural oxytocin production. I know first-hand that nipple stimulation works to progress labor...I tried it while in labor with Levi and my midwife (I delivered both Christian and Levi in hospitals with a midwife) freaked out because I was already being given pitocin. Apparently, you're not supposed to do both. Ooops. hahaha But I've never EVER thought about being romantic in the throes of labor. Ina May Gaskin (world renowned midwife) puts it this way (and I'm paraphrasing): Being romantic got the baby in there and being romantic is going to get it out. I guess I just need to change my perpective, my attitude or my outlook...whatever it is that is holding me back and having me view childbirth as something that is not to be enjoyed.

The book is really allowing me to believe that I can do it. That this is what my body was designed for. The women in the book...most of them explain how their worst pains came when they got scared and didn't want to let themselves fall into the the labor completely. But once they did so, the pain turned into some different. Something primal. Something that made them stronger than they ever knew possible.

The philosophy is

Fear = Pain

No Fear = No Pain

So, my plan is to continuously study natural childbirth, watch videos on it and read stories about it for  the duration of my entire pregnancy.

Facts: I am healthy. I am strong. My body has safely birthed 4 full term babies. No forceps. No vacuums. The only complication I ever experienced was actually from the pitocin causing Austin's heart rate to drop.

I can do this.


Anonymous said…
Oh girl, you are much more brave than I would be, BUT, if ANYBODY CAN DO THIS, IT'S YOU !! I will support every decision you make (even though, i would be a "chicken") because you are an inspiration to everyone !! <3
Thank you for the encouragement!!! We've just been conditioned to view birth as something to dread...we only hear horror stories and tales of how bad it is....it's time we hear some stories of strength, peace and love, isn't it?!!! xoxoxo (hopefully I'm able to be that example..otherwise this is all going to get realllllllly awkward hahahaha)

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