Kids Vacation: Day 2

Well, now you'd think they're having so much fun that they're forgetting to call their ol' mom.


After trying to keep myself busy and my mind occupied, I ended up calling them at around 9:30 pm to check on them and make sure they were home safe.

I can't help it: I'm an incessant worrier, folks!!

As I suspected, they were just getting home and showering after their awesome day at the....


Both Christian and Mahri (despite Christian's horrible fear of heights) went down the biggest, hugest and tallest water slide that the park had!!

And, as promised, Grandpa went down with them, if they were brave enough to go down, too.

Poor Grandpa.


Before water park:

After water park...much more exhausted:

Then she teases me with pictures of all of the delicious pizza they got to eat once they got back home. Meanie!!

I wish I had more details to give you all...but that's all I could squeeze out of anyone!

Like I said before, they're barely calling me anymore...and when they do, it's just "hi, mom! We're having fun! Gotta go! Bye!" hahahaha....::sob::

Stay tuned for more pictures of their adventure-filled vacation!!!


PS...I miss my babies!!! They need to come SOON!!


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