First Time Fishing!!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might remember my posting pics of this a few weeks ago...but we didn't have internet connection at the house yet, so it's been waaaaiting to be posted for you all!!


After MUCH begging on the boys' part, they finally got to go fishing!!

Christian immediately, upon arriving at the lake, picked up his chair, put on his shades and moved down the shoreline further, to pretend that he didn't know us.

Because he's 12.


Not really...he still yelled to us every once in awhile...but for the most part, he was a lone fisherman.

Levi was a master caster.


I totally said "master caster".

We got him one of those little weighted plastic fish and fake hooks that are supposed to teach kids how to cast...and secretly I mocked the selling ploy....but it totally worked!!

Within a couple of hours, he was casting better than Antonio and all the rest of the kids!

Austin soon realized that fishing was not quite as exciting as he had anticipated and began complaining about hot and sweaty he was.

All in all, the only thing we caught was a sunburn but it was still a ton of fun!!

We can't wait to go back again!!!!!


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