6 weeks along! with Baby #5

Week 6
August 20-August 26

I'm doing much better than I was in my first post.

Boy, let me tell you, that was quite a surprise that landed in our laps and I needed a day to just sort through my emotions.

Not to say that (thanks to raging and fluctuating hormones) my emotions aren't going to go up and down...but I am now so excited to look at those tiny pink lines on the test.

According to a pregnancy calculator, I am in my 6th week.

EDD of April 15, 2017.

The day before Easter.

Which is just 9 days after Levi's 5th birthday (April 6)!

That was a tough pill to swallow....I hate to think that the miserable last days of pregnancy may drag down his special day. Or that baby could possible be born on his birthday! Yikes!

How I'm Feeling This Week:

All day morning sickness.
No vomiting...just feeling nauseated all.day.long.

Not horrendous but it's showing up usually about once a day, typically in the evening

hahahahaha...sorry....but it's true

Loss of appetite...but still hungry.
How is that even possible?! It's just that I'm hungry but nothing sounds good.

Sore breasts...and larger
I've never had this issue with my other pregnancies, but I've heard that lots of women experience it. I mean, my breasts have always gotten larger and fuller...but not this sore, yo!

Extremely tired.
I'm usually taking a nap every day. Levi cuddles in bed with me and we call it our "Date". hahaha

Cold Chills & Hot Flashes
Usually, I get cold chills most of the day...but then when I fall asleep, I wake up covered in sweat and burning up. All night long is spent bundling up and then taking off my clothes...putting them back on and cuddling under the blankets again and then waking up again all sweaty.

My stomach is HUGE.
Seriously. I look like I'm several months along!

I am just so worried that I am going to lose this baby

Mood Swings?
I am not having the angry outbursts I usually have early in pregnancy....sometimes I'll find myself wanting to cry randomly, but not too bad.

I think Gypsy knows I'm not feeling well...she's not leaving my side.
Even when I'm laid up in bed.


Aimee said…
My 5th WAS SO EXAUSTING!! by the time it was almost over I felt okay lol!! You look gorgeous!! ��������
Yes! You have given me hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel! haha I've been remembering to take my prenatal vitamins (I really splurged and bought the good organic whole foods ones) and they seem to be helping, so fingers crossed!! Thank you, hon!!! xoxo

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