Weekend Shenanigans 7/1-7/3

It is hot in Atlanta.

Really hot.

Like, triple digits sometimes.

As Mahri put it, too bad we didn't buy a house with a pool.

Yes, we have a pool...we're just waiting for Antonio to eventually open it, replace the liner and get it swim-ready.

So, for now, we live like sweaty beasts.


On Friday, I had an idea! I had Christian stay home and play video games with his brothers...(it's such a hard life, eh?) while I whisked Mahri away to Walmart with me.

We bought a long sheet of tarp-like plastic.

Then we went home, grabbed our hose and sprinkler, Gypsy and all the kids and took off for the new house.


And they did that pretty much all weekend.

We also went to Huey Luey's, which has some pretty awesome (but expensive) Mexican food!

And that sums up our weekend!

How was yours? What did you do?

Have you ever been to Huey Luey's?

Let me know in the comments!


nina said…
I've never been to Hue.y Louies. I don't think they have one in NC yet?
I was looking at their website and I guess maybe they are just here in Atlanta? They are awesome, though! We went back this past weekend and they had a guy doing cover songs...he was good! The ladies seemed to really like him, too. hahahaha

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