I Went To Work!!

Yeah...maybe that's a slight exaggeration...

As my regular readers know, my husband and I own a swimming pool company.

I do the office and administrative and web design end...he does the labor and talking on the phone bit.

Yesterday morning, he told me that he wanted to go buy work boots, so I offered to go with him. He said that I'd have to go with him to a few houses to work on some pools, so I said "sure!"

Besides, the summer heat is weighing heavy on all of us that are stuck at home....which means: fighting kids. Nonstop fighting kids.

Ya feelin' me?

So I practically jumped on the opportunity to get out and about!

I realized part-way into my day at work that I still have a long way to go in terms of being good at remembering to take pics for the blog.

Especially if I'm going to be daily blogger, which I'm really wanting to start doing!

Well, first we stopped for (iced) coffee...because....duh.

Then we went to the mall for work boots....nada.

He wanted pull-on steel toe waterproof boots....but didn't find any at Sears.

(however, a woman told me how much she loved my dress, so the trip was not completely wasted, in my opinion! hahahaha)

Next, we went to Tractor Supply. He found a pair right off the bat.

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of them and our boot-buying adventure, so here's a picture of of a cute cowboy. Which is how I feel about TSC anyways.


Oh man, he doesn't have his boots on.

Sorry 'bout that.


We went to a few customer's houses, but I don't want to put the pics of their houses on here. Because, ya know....privacy.

We also went to Home Depot.


But they were in different cities, so let's hear it for mixing things up a bit, eh?

I was so excited because I had been looking around for a steam mop for the new house but the ones I was finding were anywhere from $75 to over $100....but then I found some on sale at Home Depot for $40! What a great deal! 

Anyone know if this mop is any good?

I just want something for just regular cleaning, nothing hardcore.

We passed a Rooms To Go on our way to lunch and I had to resist the urge to beg Antonio to take me in to look at sofas for the house....

And that was my day at work!

If I had to use one phrase to sum up my day:

Hot as balls.


That sums it up perfectly.

Hot as balls and no kids fighting.

It was a trade-off, for sure, but I think I made the right choice.

How was your day yesterday?


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