4th of July 2016

I'll bet you thought that you were getting off the hook, didn't ya?

And now you're, like, "oh, no!! Crazy Aunt Monica is dragging out the slide projector and going to force us to look at a million boring pictures...." And you would be right. Except that there are not a million...there's only 29 pictures. And they're not boring. They are awesome and epic!!


The 4th of July was spent playing outside and watching fireworks...an all-American celebration, minus the parade (Antonio slept in, the poor guy).

We went to Dunkin Donuts and bought iced coffee (Almond Joy flavor, yo), smoothies and donuts.

See?? Allllll American.

We even bought a grill...but are waiting until we move into the house for our first official cookout!

Here's a little photo montage of when we went to see the fireworks!

(which may be our last year going to see them at the mall because I think we can see the fireworks from the front yard of our new house! If not from the front yard, then just a few yards down the road! Woohoo! No more fighting Atlanta traffic!)


Then some tiny little cutie came up and just sat down with us!

She just saw all the kids and wanted to join in the fun!

She also may have liked my silver sandals....

Meet Maya!

Maya's mommy, Nicole, said that they had recently relocated here from Texas.

I don't think little Maya is going to have any trouble making new friends!

After a little while, Maya toddled off to find more friends.

Nicole, if you're reading this, it was so wonderful to meet you!

I hope that you really love Atlanta and think of it as "home" soon!

Christian's facial expression totally cracked me up!

Levi tried his hand at picutre-taking.

In hind-sight, I probably should have wore a bra to the fireworks.


I couldn't get the hang of taking a decent picture of the fireworks display...so that's the only one you'll see of it.

You're welcome.


Happy Birthday, America!!!



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