WigWams & Willie Nelson

Finishing up our road trip to Cave City, KY!

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Before we left on our road trip, I scouted out some fun things to see around Cave City...and I came across Wig Wam Village!!

Okay...you know on the Disney movie Cars where Sally has that little hotel situation where cars can sleep in traffic cones? Apparently that idea was based on ACTUAL hotels!!

I wanted to stay there but they don't accept dogs...so I had to settle for just taking these neat pictures of this cute little place. Check it out!! It is definitely on my bucket-list of things to do!!

The interiors are decorated with a southwestern motif!

My GPS was also showing me this place called Tom's TeePee...but, unfortunately, it had nothing to do with TeePees or WigWams...it was just a kitschy tourist trap selling your typical souveniers. But the kids still really enjoyed looking around!

The owner seemed a bit gruff until I chatted him up a bit about the history of the store.

Apparently, his dad opened it (I believe in the 70s?) but when he passed away, his son took over it. He had never planned on running the store...but life took an unexpected turn.

I love hearing people's stories!

Everyone is fascinating, if you just give them the chance to tell their story.

Some woman was irritated with me and giving me some dirty looks when I kept snapping pictures of my kids...but, oh well!! This was our first real overnight vacation and we were doing all of the corny stuff you'd expect from tourists! hahaha!

Lots of beautiful sea glass!

After checking out wigwams and teepees, we had worked up quite an appetite, so we checked out the Mexican restaurant that was just across the parking lot from our hotel room.

El Mazatlan was extremely busy when we walked over.

So busy that I strongly suggested we just drive over to some fast food joint, as I am not too fond of large crowds...or waiting in lines when I am so hungry.

But everyone else felt that we should stay and check it out.

I am SO GLAD that we did!! Although it was extremely busy and crowded, they got us seated pretty quickly. Quite a feat considering that there were EIGHT of us!

The service was amazing! And the food may be the best Mexican food we've had ever!

And let's not downplay the tidbit that their margaritas are STRONG.


If you ever find yourself in Cave City, be sure to check them out!!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and talked a little bit with my parents. They were leaving at around 3 am to head back to Ohio.

After many hugs and tears, they left our hotel room.

The next morning came too early and it was time for us to pack up and get ready to head home.

I think Mahri and Christian were excited to get back home to their own beds!


As you can see, Antonio was less than thrilled to have to wake up.

We took a few photos before we left...because we realized that Mahri didn't get any shots with us the day before when we were all being touristy and posing outside of the hotel! haha

Then it was time to hit the road....

Our friend came out to wave goodbye....

See ya next time, buddy!

Gypsy enjoyed looking out the window.

She was extremely excited when Mommy bought her apple slices at McDonalds!

(I didn't want to give her a greasy burger in case it upset her tummy in the car)


On the way home...near the Georgia state line, I saw a really neat looking bus.

I snapped a couple of pics of it...I kind of wondered who was in it because they had to be an interesting person to have such a cool looking bus.

But with the craziness of the trip and settling in, I completely forgot all about it until I was editing pictures for this post.

I came across the pictures of the bus that I had taken and decided to do a little researching to see what I could find out about that bus.

Maybe find out who was on it or if it was a famous bus or something.

What I found out blew my mind!!

It WAS a famous bus...or more like...had someone famous on it!!

None other than....Mr. Willie Nelson!!!!!!

Check it out!!

My picture is on the left and a picture of his tour bus is on the right:

How freaking COOL is that?!!

All in all, our trip was completely amazing and we had a great time!!

And I thank you all for comng along for the ride!



nina said…
You made that trip Exceptional! I love that you did all that research on the bus thing. I would have completely dismissed any of that for oh wow, just a nother big bus that some cowboy owns lol.. Awesome pictures and thank you for sharing.. Makes me want to go on a trip now!
Thanks, chica!!! Can you tell that I haven't had a camera in forever? I took pics of everyyyyything! hahaha Maybe one day we'll take a road trip together...or take mini road trips and meet in the middle!

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