We Got A House!!!!

I wasn't even looking for a house.

After all the heartbreaking disappointment that we just went through on being told that we couldn't get a house for at least a year, I figured that I would put house-hunting out of my mind forever.

I had no plans to rent a house, either, because we've been here in our current home for over 5 years and it looks great on our credit (stability)...and rent here in Atlanta is so darn high! We'd never be able to afford anywhere, I thought. Plus, even rentals down here want you to pass a rigerous credit check, many places don't accept large dogs and then charge a small fortune with pet deposits and monthly pet fees.

I had no plans to move.

But I've always known that God has His own ways.

That he will put all of the puzzle pieces together and things will fall together so easily that you would be astounded.

And that's what has happened to us.

I am still in shock.

One of our customers (we have our own swimming pool business) called us Saturday night. Said that he had just bought a house and wanted to rent it out. He's been with us for years, even when we hadn't officially started our business yet...Antonio and he had talked before about how we needed more space for our growing family. But that we were having trouble finding somewhere.

Well, so our customer called us and told us about this house. Asked if we'd like to come out and take a look at it the next day. I really wasn't thinking much of it. Had no real expectations, besides that we'd probably hate the house and the area and we had just wasted a half-hour or so of our day.

But when we pulled up to it, we loved the quiet area. The house was really cute.

For safety reasons, I'm not going to post the front of the house...but let me show you some of the rest....

Keep in mind that this house is older. The landlord will be replacing all of the carpeting with laminate flooring and will be painting the rooms any color I choose. He told me to run on over soon to Sherwin Williams and pick out some paint colors. So keep in mind that the house is not move-in ready. I'm just excited to show you all how it looks and why we are so excited!

Carports are big in the South. We also love this little porch area!

Waiting for Daddy to open the door.....

This is the family room/den...I think it will make a great playroom!

The just threw a rug down in the middle...don't worry, it's not hiding any blood stains, we checked!

Laundry area will be in the playroom. I also like that it's near the back door so that if I put up a clothesline, I just walk right outside and hang clothes up.

Cute little kitchen.

I'll miss my walk-in pantry but there are lots of cupboards and drawers here.

And a dishwasher!!

And plenty of sunshine coming in the windows!!

This doesn't look like it...but this is the dining room. We'll get it looking nice!

And the living room. I can't wait to tear down those blinds and paint the walls a lighter color! hahaha

Master bedroom

Itty bitty master bath. hahaha


Another bedroom. With REAL hardwood floors!

Larger bathroom. I LOVE the original tile!!! But I'm going to get rid of that blue paint! ::yuck::

Back patio...I can just imagine having a cup of coffee out here in the morning!

This pathway leads to the pool! (bushes need trimmed)

A little bit of pressure washing and some sprucing up...and this will be a backyard paradise!

The huge outbuilding is wired for electricity and will be great for storage and work stuffs.

So much space to ruuuuun!!!

Did you see the fire pit?!

These boys have never had so much space to run and play in! Almost two acres completely fenced in!

That little outbuilding is damaged and will be coming down...but maybe we can build another! It is so cute!

We are so excited to call this place home!!


Unknown said…
Love it! So happy for you all!!
nina said…
You are So Blessed! This house is amazing! Congratulations on everything! luv u
Blessed Mom said…
This is beautiful!!!
Thank you so very much, Blessed Mom!!! We are so very excited!!
Thank you, Nina!!! Love you!! We are so excited and can't wait to move in!!!
::big hug:: Thank you, Brenda!! We are over the moon!! Move-in day can't get here soon enough!
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