RockFest 2016

Now, contrary to what the title implies, there was not a single note of music at RockFest.

The kids and I went up for both days

Saturday with my friend, Lisel, and her family (whose kids happen to be friends with my kids...isn't it perfect when those things just work out like that?!).

Sunday we went back with Antonio on his day off.

Here is a photo essay of our weekend at RockFest!

Getting ready to go on Saturday!

David just can't seem to get to the entrance...Lisel's got him covered in case he decided to flash us in the process.

Austin just thinks he's the coolest.

Who am I to argue?

He is!

Huge amethyst geode!

Lisel makes me smile.


Ta da!! Sand keychains!

Levi...a non-reader...had no clue what he was touching (dinosaur poop) until it was too late. He's letting me know that he'd like to wash his hand now. hahaha

The turtle was my absolute favorite.

For some reason, it made me cry when I looked at it. It was very moving. Just imagining how this peaceful and beautiful creature used to walk and swim here on earth...what a sight that would have been to behold!

Christian was particularly interested in this display, as he had done a report on Apollo 11 for school earlier this year.

What do you think? Can dog drool kill germs??

Then...there was the spinny chair that teaches you about...something...??? It's basically like an office chair that spins...but it's tilted so that you don't fall out while someone (here, that someone is Lisel's husband, David) spins you at super fast speeds... I don't know...but it sure taught Austin that he does not like being spun at fast speeds! hahaha

Tabitha had fun, though!

At the "What's Inside" display, David was confused....

It said "NEVER stick your hands inside of holes you don't know"...(yes, I am totally laughing while I type that)...but then it says to stick your hand inside these holes.

He can't figure out why it would caution you not to stick your hand inside...but then clearly have holes that tell you so stick your hands in them.

The struggle was real, folks!

Then he read the rest of it...that said "don't stick your hands into holes outside of the museum"

All clear, folks!! It's a go!! Hands inside all the holes!!



See, David? That's why we don't stick our hands inside of strange holes!!


Then it was time to go panning for gems!

It was a cute little lazy river, of sorts, that kids stuck their little mining pans into the sandy bottom of the "river" and scoop out the sand and search for teeny gemstones in it.

If you look closely, you'll see how cute it is when Levi is concentrating, he sticks his tongue out.

Someone was sad when it was time to stop panning for gemstones.

But...cheered up when he found out that we were going to go digging for real fossils!

First, let's wash up!

The fossil "dig sites" were really neat! It wasn't was like tiny rubber pieces that resembled sand or tiny pebbles...then real fossils were mixed in for you to find!

Levi somehow got it in his...ear??

The museum man telling everyone what kind of fossils they had found.

Levi showing David his brachiopod fossil.

Outside to the vendor booths!

Levi picked out a necklace with a fairy and a black cat.

Christian found some unfinished amber!! He was so excited! After seeing Jurassic Park, he has dreams of finding a bug inside of fossilized amber.

the following pics are from the next day, when we came back with Antonio.

The kids liked these little dinosaurs because, as they said, they are the only creatures that might possibly be shorter than me.


Rock Bingo!

Christian won!! His prize was a piece of quartz.

And, of course, the gift shop!

I offered to buy the boys a box of dried crickets covered in cheese and bacon-flavored powder.

They, not so politely, declined.


But Mahri told Dad she'd share a box of chocolate-covered ants with him!

And that, folks, is it! Our weekend spent at the science museum.

We wish you could have been there with us!!

Would YOU have eaten the cheddar bacon crickets if I bought them for you?


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