No Skinny Dipping For Me

Ugh. It's that dreaded time of the year (or decade, depending on your preference)...time to find ourselves some new bathing suits.

I hate shopping.

I hate clothes shopping more.

Swimsuit shopping is down there in the lowest bowels of hell.

Which is what makes my friend, Amazon, so freaking great!
(this is NOT a sponsored post nor am I currently an affiliate...I just REALLY love them!)

I can shop from my house! And they bring it to my door!

It's a social-anxiety-sufferer's dream come true!!

Plus, online shopping can yield you infinite more options than shopping in-store.

Here are the suits I'm looking at getting...yes, all of them.


Okay, so I bought Mahri and I each one of these a week ago, thinking we were going be going to the lake for Memorial Day. And since it was last minute and we needed same-day delivery, our options of designs and sizes were limited. Mahri's suit fit her perfectly and she looks amazing in it! But mine was not right at all. I'm more pear-shaped...small chest and a curvy booty. So the top was a tad too big and the bottoms were way too small for me.


But I have a plan!! I am going to exchange this for a smaller size in Pink and then I will just use the top to mix and match with other suits that I'm buying!

I ordered this one...but I accidentally ordered it too big (because it's online shopping, it's all trial and error. Thank God that Amazon Prime has free returns!) I'm going to order it in a smaller size because it really is adorable! I'm holding on to the one I currently have until I make sure that the smaller one does fit me.

I also ordered this one...the bottoms fit me but the top is way too big. I'm going to keep it but then mix it up with other tops (like that one I mentioned up there that I'm ordering in Pink)

This one is on it's way...but it's the same size as the black suit, so I already know that the top isn't going to fit. I guess I'll have to order a smaller set and use the bottoms from the one I already bought with the new set's smaller top.

Then, today, I put a couple of more suits in my cart. Ooops. hahaha

Aren't they cute, though?!

Ironically, I don't swim all that much...but we are hoping to buy a camper this year and begin going camping regularly at places with lakes, so maybe having an entire wardrobe of swimsuits won't be such a frivolous thing. Okay, it's still frivolous, but Amazon has great prices and I hate doing laundry, so it's still a great deal to me!

('s this for weird...I had written this post a couple of weeks ago and just now posted it...and in the meantime, we ended up unexpectedly getting a house with an in-ground POOL!! ::eeeeee!!!!:: So camping may be out for this year as we'll be busy getting ready for and moving into the new house...but I'm sure my suits will still get plenty of use! ::wink:: )

All of my boys need new suits this year, too.

So they got to pick out the ones that they liked.

Christian picked this one:

And Aussie and Levi liked this one:

I saw adorable American flag print trunks that I want to get for the boys because then they will match most of the suits that I ordered for myself!

How stinking cute will that be?!!

(since writing this, we stopped by Old Navy and the boys really were digging some swim trunks that had little sharks all over them...and they were on we bought them those)

And that pretty much wraps up my adventures in swimsuit shopping this year.

MUCH less painful than picking out suits in-store and then trying to huff and puff into them in the dressing room. This is all done from the comfort-zoneyness of my living room. ::big smile::

What about you guys? Are you swimsuit shopping this year, too??

Do you shop online or in-store for yours?


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