My Mom's Still In Hospital

My dad, mom and daughter at Dinosaur World last month

I just wanted to give you all an update on my mom's condition after she was rushed by ambulance to the the hospital earlier this week. You can read about that HERE.

Well, she is still in the hospital.

The doctor is hoping that she will be able to go home tomorrow.

Yesterday she wasn't even able to get out of her hospital I'm hoping that some dramatic improvments are made and that she really will be able to be safely released.

(hahaha...that makes her sound like some animal that was captured...hahahaha)

She has been diagnosed with the Flu and Bronchitis.

She seems to be able to talk better today but when she video called me this morning, she had just had her breathing treatment, so I'm not sure if it's a temporary improvement.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and I'll let you know in a few days how she is doing!! Thank you so much!!

Side Note: She has had her flu opinion is that her flu should not be this bad that it requires hospitalization, which is what they said she is being hospitalized for. Just my 2-cents.

The story continues...CLICK HERE.


nina said…
I am very concerned.. I was even going to ask, had she had the flu shot but you answered that question already. You know the other day I was in so much pain and lethargic and I had been at an outdoor cookout bday party where I noticed I had been bitten by mosquitos.. hmm that Ziki virus might be more trouble than we thought. I hope she is better today.. I know she is going to come out of this just peachy!!! If she's as strong a woman as you are then I have no doubt!
She finally got to go home yesterday!! They also told her that she had some infection of her larynx which made it hard for her to talk as well. Dang, she really should have invested in that extended warranty for her body. lol I hope you're feeling better, too!! Thank you for the sweet words!! ::hugs::

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