My Mom Is In the ER

My mom and my daughter

My dad called me this morning to tell me that my mom was in the hospital.

She and I both have bad asthma.

But hers has been really bad over the last few days.

Today, she called him at work...but he could barely hear what she was saying....she could barely breathe enough to talk.

Long story short, he called her insurance company to get her preapproval to go to the hospital and they ended up telling her to call 911.

The ambulance rushed her to the ER.

They've done breathing treatments on her and chest x-rays...but I don't think they found anything.

My dad just called me to tell me that they are keeping her overnight because her oxygen levels keep dropping dangerously low.

I called to check on her...but all I could do was to sob that I loved her so much. She's not able to talk on the phone...she tries but she can't get the oxygen/energy to form the words.

If you believe in the power of prayer (I do), please say a prayer for her. Or send her healing thoughts and energy, please. All forms of positivity are welcome! I'll keep you all posted!

I love you, Mom!!

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