Mom's Under Quarantine?!

That's the picture my dad, Gary, sent me from the hospital last week.

Mom was diagnosed with the flu, bronchitis and some sort of throat infection.

So they told her that only my dad and medical staff was allowed in her room.


That lasted a few days...then she got to go home last Friday.

But she's still not doing good. In fact, she's gotten much worse than when she went home.

She's on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments but she is still not able to catch her breath. She sounds like she did right before she was rushed to the hospital last week!

The lung specialist can't get her in for weeks!

Her primary care doctor can't get her in.

I told her to get to Urgent Care but she's putting it off.

I think that she thinks that it means that she has no respect/faith in what the doctor has said or done for her. I assured her that they won't think that, but she still won't go.

"Maybe tomorrow."

Asthma is nothing to play around with.

As a lifelong asthmatic, I know that it's not typical for the meds to take this long to respond.

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

I'll keep you all posted.


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