Mom's Menu 6/27-7/2

It's baaaack, bitches!!!!

It's been a few weeks but let's get right to it, shall we?

Psst...There is a recipe link for EVERY dinner this week!!!

Breakfast options this week:


Refrigerator oatmeal with agave and blueberries
(I'm trying to clean out my pantry and freezer since we'll be moving soon....I've got a bottle of organic agave nectar that I don't plan on taking with us, so I'm going to try to use it up before)

Lunch this week:

Veggie Burgers
(I forgot to pick a second


Corn Chowder with Italian bread

with rice and beans

with breadsticks

Grilled Cheese sandwiches

A tidbit about my pancakes and bacon... We have a pretty large family and I really hate standing over the stove, flipping pancakes and trying to keep them all warm until I'm done cooking for everyone. So, years ago, I began baking my pancake mix like a cake....and it's all done at once! You just mix it up, pour it in a baking dish and bake! No more flipping pancakes or waiting for a million batches to be done! I also bake my bacon in the oven for the same reason. But I don't mix it up like a cake mix. So each has a link to how to do it for yourself! ::wink::


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