I'm Getting Old?!

Now's the time when I come clean.

I don't really fear getting old.
Wash your hair, you dirty hippie! hahaha
I don't.

Turning 30 was no big deal...same with 35.

I don't get why people freak out. I still feel like I'm 20.

But my body has been trying to "tell on me" for years by my hair.

Yeah. My crowning glory.

I've been slowly turning into a white-haired crone since I was around 20!

Right after I had my first child, my daughter.

(see? alllll your fault, Mahri! hahahaha!!)

I am now 35.

A few years ago, I noticed that even some of my EYEBROW hairs were coming in pure white!

My grandma (on my mom's side) had beautiful white hair...I wonder if I get it from her....

Just a few days ago, I noticed that the white hairs on my head are beginning to wander to other parts of my head. Gathering in groups and giving me small white patches.

And now I am wondering if I want to continue to dye my hair back to dark brown...sometimes dark brownish red.

I am thinking that it's time to just go natural.

This goes against the grain and what us women are "supposed" to do, doesn't it?

It feels almost deliciously forbidden!

Am I wrong to think that there's something awesome about a woman with grey or white in her hair? It's like...dude...she KNOWS things. She is enlightened and self-confident.

I mean, sure, there are random dumbasses out there with white hair, I get it. But let's not bring them into this, okay? hahaha

But white hair is viewed, by some cultures, as a sign of wisdom.

Since I am only 35 does that make me "wise beyond my years"? hahaha

This woman right here is Kendra Tierney. She is the one who first made me realize that...it's perfectly okay to let your hair turn naturally. She is the homeschooling mama of EIGHT! (you can find her epic blogging over on Catholic All Year) In my estimation, she is beautiful and intelligent and a wonderful mom...pretty much everything I strive to be! Her hair doesn't define her...but I believe that it definitely accents her and gives her a delightful and refreshing flair of uniqueness!

Photo courtesy of Kendra's Twitter
She even blogged about why she's letting her hair go gray RIGHT HERE.

Is it weird that almost every time I read that post (yes, I've read it multiple times), it makes me cry? Not like "oooh, my life is over!!" crying...but "heck yes! this is pretty amazing!" crying.

While I agree with her on pretty much every single point, a main one that I am focusing on is how often I'm needing to color my hair just to keep the whites covered.

It's getting ridiculous and I simply don't have time for it.

Not to mention how I'm tired of rubbing chemicals all over my head.

So, thank you, Kendra, for helping me to see that it's okay.

I felt like I owed it to my husband to cover it up and keep myself well-preserved. hahaha

But white hair (and gray!) has its own unique beauty.

And I think I'm just going to leave it just how it is!



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